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HPV and imiquimod treatment

I'm a male and was recently diagnosed with HPV on my penis glans. It started as a single tiny pimple like bump on my penis glans. After starting treatment with imiquimod, the lesion started to disappear, but as soon as it did, three others appeared on the other side of the penis glans. And after those disappeared, another one appeared...Is it common to new lesions appear during treatment? To make matters worse, I am in an acute Herpes infection, already diagnosed. Is it possible that the herpes virus is undermining my immune-system and causing all the hpv appearances?
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Just to complement, I started treatment just 3 weeks ago.
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do you treat your herpes?  do you have hsv1 or hsv2?

is it unusual for more warts to show up like this? no it is not.  you might want to have them surgically removed in the office instead of using the cream to help speed things up.

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Thanks, Grace. I don't know which type of herpes I have. I did a blood test, HSV 1 + 2 antibodies, IGM and IGG. The IGM came bak positive, and the IGG came back negative, suggesting acute or recent infection. I read that only a swab performed on a recent outbreak lesion would be able to establish which type of herpes I have. But by the time I did the blood test, the herpes lesions had already disappeared. My doctor said that these two diseases are somehow intertwined, since the HPV only manifested as soon as I got the herpes virus - I know exactly when I got it. I treated herpes with acyclovir for 5 days. But I do think it was too short of a treatment.
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