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HPV and oral sex (contradiction)


First of all, sorry for my bad English (I'm writing from Spain).

Since my partner has been diagnosed with CIN 2, I have red a lot about HPV and its consequences in her and me.

I have red a lot of info in the Experts Forums from Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield, specially about oral sex and throat cancer, which is my main worry.

I have found something that I think is a contradiction, or maybe I'm wrong.

In this thread, he says "the vast majority of people with oral HPV-16 infections (probably under 1 in several thousand) actually develop cancer."


And in this thread, he says "The only important health consequence of oral HPV is cancer of the throat, which is caused by only one HPV type (HPV-16).  Even in those with HPV-16, probably under 1 in 1,000 develop cancer."


In the first one, by my understanding, he says that most of people with oral  HPV-16 WILL develop throat cancer.

And in the second one, as I understand it, he says that most of people with oral HPV-16 WON'T develop throat cancer (1 in 1,000).

Which of both sentences is the correct one?

Since I don't know how to contact him, I would appreciate any help.

Best regards!
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Hpv 16 is a risk factor...meaning if you have it, it can increase your chance of getting oral cancer...but not a must that you will ...in absolute certainty that you will hv that cancer

According to the statistics you mentioned...even if you hv HPV16...yr chance is 1 in 1000 to get that virus to cause oral cancer in you
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Ok, I undestand.

But then, why does he say that "the vast majority of people with oral HPV-16 infections (probably under 1 in several thousand) actually develop cancer"?
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Not sure on the statistics accuracy...well basically..it is generally said...your risk of getting such cancer is there if you hv HPV...also..it is only an approximation...development of cancer can also be influenced from etc other factors...such as multiple infection with etc bugs or viral agents..could even make the person to hv an even higher chance of such cancer...eg surely the odd of getting such cancer is very high if the person contracted HIV after HPV
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What I want to say is:

The Dr. says in the first post that most of people with oral HPV-16 will develop oral cancer, but in the second post, the same Dr. says that most people with oral HPV-16 will NOT develop oral cancer.

I just want to know which is the correct one.
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I didn't check the actual statistics in detail. All that I know is that HPV is a risk factor. Statistics number make an approximation of the numerical value of such risk.  Reading what that doc said word for word without reading various other articles (eg in PUBMED) to understand the issue in the right context isn't a good idea.  

Walking down the street does pose certain risk of getting run down by etc vehicles...while statistics could be used to predict such risk, there are many etc variables.  A statistician/doctor can interpret the statistics, to give an impression of such risk, but that assessment is only an approximation, many other things could affect the actual event.  HTH
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