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HPV anxiety phobia

Hey guys,

Just a very simple question that i could not find answer for. Is dormant HPV can be contiguous ?

I am extremely regret and feel guilty for having sex because of this virus, and i cant stop thinking of it ruinning my future. Seriously whenever im happy, i remember this virus and makes me feel bad. I cant keep myself like that forever. I really need help.
So, i am a 25 year old male, and the last time i had high risk unprotected was over 7 months, but i had a protected sex with a friend of mine more than 2 months ago. So far i dont have any symptoms such as warts. I am getting married in 3 years, and all my fear is infecting my future wife (its impossible that she is infected, cuz i know her well and she is vergin and never had sex before. Whats her guilt being infected with this virus because of a stupid mistake of me??

So my question is :
Is it possible for a dormant HPV to be transmitted ? (im assuming mine is dormant because no symptoms exist so far, and hopefully it gets cleared within 3 years).

I dont want to panic her by telling to get tested regularly, and i feel ashamed to tell her that i am infected.
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Hi sorry so you are engaged to a virgin and getting married in three years? And are you worried about hpv exposure from the 2 months ago? Or have you had hpv warts before? Or do you just think you have dormant hpv? It’s quite possible to be dormant-for most guys it is. When I was raped last year the guy did not wear a condom and I’ve now tested pos to a new strain of high risk hpv. I had an abnormal Pap over five years ago which cleared so my doc thinks it’s a new strain. Obvs the guy who did it didn’t know as there’s no tests for high risk hpv for men. Has one of your sexual partners had high risk hpv or warts?
Sorry for what happened to you. I dont have any warts so far, so im assuming i have a dormant virus. I didnt notice any warts for my sexual partners too. You said there is no test for high risk, does that mean there is test for low risk for men? Also, if everyone  is sexually active, then everyone will get hpv eventually, oraybe there are exceptions like your case. Did you develop warts when u got infected? And what made you get tested for hpv?
Ohk, yep that’s why it’s one of the most common std around, because 80% of people get it and most are dormant and don’t know they have it. There’s soo many different strains. Doctors don’t usually see the point in testing until over age 30 as most clears from the immune system. Thanks, since the assult I had symtpoms liek itching burning and discharge.. I am still with my partner of six years so was worried that I had some sort of disease dispite doctors telling me in fine. I kept going back to the clinic, all blood tests came back neg and all std tests neg. so I was concerned it’s warts coming. Anyway I’m only 25 and demanded they test for hpv in Pap smear. I’m in aus and they only just started testing for high risk hpv in Pap smears last year in my state. There is no fda approved tests for high risk hpv in men or for warts-low risk. If someone gets visible symptoms like a wart they can biopsy that and confirm hpv. There’s no wart test for women either but my doc said high risk strains can also cause warts. My doctor said there’s nothing they can do for me right now as I have a normal Pap smear and no visible warts show up. So they can only treat visible symptoms once they show up. High risk hpv can cause warts but usually if high risk persists it causes lesions or cancers etc but most hpv warts are usually low risk and benign growths. There’s still so many things to learn about hpv and I feel most doctors dismiss it and think it’s not a big deal. Only 10% of people with the virus even get the visible warts apperantly. High risk hpv can cause vagina, vulva, cervical, throat and whole range of cancers if the virus persists and mutates. Sorry hope that makes sense and prob rambling on a bit. Crispr scientis are currently running a whole heap of trials and I think human trials and they think they will be able to cure viruses and cancers in ten plus years with genome editing. So hopefully as we are young they will have better treatment and cures for hpv related problems in the future
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So, what I'm reading from your original post is that you had unprotected sex almost 8 months ago and protected sex a couple of months ago, and now you are freaking out about HPV because you are marrying an innocent young women in three time and your guilt of potentially complicating her life is eating at you so intensely that you've convinced yourself that you have a dormant HPV virus.  Am I reading you correctly?  

First off, this is a good reaction because it shows you are a good guy at heart and your fiance's innocence touches you deeply and causes you much concern for her sexual health.  This a good thing.  I can relate to you how hard it must be to think of waiting three years without sex, though, while you wait to enjoy the married company of a good-hearted wife.  It's not easy.  i'm not going to tell you to be celibate until then.  That is for you to wrestle with, but if you do chose to have sex, you absolutely must wear a condom at all times.  If you don't, not only with your anxiety and guilt ruin your daily peace and happiness, but you very well could contract a virus most likely HPV or HSV or worse!  Take care of your penis and you will take care of all this guilt, shame and fear.  You can do it!

Now on to the HPV fear...   Are you aware that there are two types of HPV virus of which there are many strains of each type?  You seem aware, but it's difficult to tell for sure from your post.  If you haven't had actual warts appear in these past 7 months, I'd be quite certain that you did not contract HPV warts from that encounter.  The other, protected encounter you had it's too early to tell, yet.  The area the condom covered should be fine, but the base of the shaft and the scrotum may have been infected.  This is because those areas are not covered by the condom.  Now, if during foreplay you rubbed your unprotected penis all over her vagina, then wearing a condom doesn't matter as much anymore unless the warts were further in.  ALL THIS IS ASSUMING YOUR PARTNER ACTUALLY HAS HPV WARTS.  From your post, it sounds like she does not, and you're just having terrible anxiety.  If it were me, I'd assume that I don't have warts from the sex seven plus months ago and most likely don't have them from the sex two months ago.  

However, there is high-risk HPV that has no symptoms in men and very, very, very, very rarely can lead to penile cancer years down the road.  It can, however, cause cervical cancer in women and can be detected in tests.  There is no test for men for high-risk or the low-risk, wart version.  You may indeed have the high-risk and not know it nor will you ever know unless some day five to ten years from now your future wife tests positive for it.  Even if she does, it seldom becomes cancer (there are many stages of cellular progression to cancer and it takes years and years for that to happen so it's always found long before it becomes a problem.).  Therefore, there is nothing you can do but be cool about it from now on, wear a condom or practice abstinence in the future, and put it out of your head.  It sounds like you don't have sex with that many people so the risks of you having high-risk HPV now are lower although indeed possible.  It's quite common.  

Now, about dormant HPV.  Dormant HPV is not contagious.  If you have an event that causes extreme stress in your life or something that compromises your immune system like cancer treatment or whatever, it's possible for the virus to reactivate but not guaranteed.  I would not worry at all about a partner with dormant HPV.  That's the wart version.  To be honest, I don't know much about high-risk HPV and it's dormancy or lack or dormancy.  

The bottom line is for you to relax and know you're probably fine.  Check for warts the next 2-3 months around your scrotum and base of your shaft, and if you find nothing, forget about it.  L
First of all, thank you everyone who tryna help. Such a great family here.
You are very right about the first part yes.

I have read from doctors here that this virus is very normal and we shouldnt worry about it at all. Also, they says even high risk hpv will most likely to resolved by the immune system, and they kept saying that in every post.

What i dont understand is most infected people dont know anything about it, and they are living their life normally. So if this virus is really dangerous, then its supposed that 90% of people are died or sick by now because of it, but the statistics show the opposite, am i right?

Sometimes i wish i never read about it so i can live my life without being scared like this. What i had been through because of HIV was not easy, and luckily i survived. And yes i am ready to sacrifice by not having sex till i get married hoping to beat that virus.

Regarding healthy immune system with HPV, i am assuming that i have a very heathy one since i am bodybuilder since 2013 eating healthy and taking care of my health, and  in that time i have never had sex. Also, i have never drunk nor smoke. I dont know if those would help, but i am just hoping.
You mentioned HIV in your comment.  Is that a typo?  

You sound quite healthy.  Drinking and smoking and poor diet are all bad for your immune system, and a big one is stress.  The less stressed you are, the better your immune system is, or, at least, if you reach a certain level of high, sustained stress, your immune system can suffer.  Your challenge is to put this behind you in your mind and move forward with a renewed sense of responsibility for your and your fiances sexual and emotional health.  They go together.  

Here is a great link regarding HPV and penile cancer and other things that you may find enlightening.  I'd quote parts of it for you, but I'm out of time.  best of luck in your journey.  Have gratitude that you simply experienced the fears of HPV and HPV related issues than actually having it.  Even though at the end of the day, it's not the worst thing in the world, it still presents a challenge to all who get it.  Here's the link!

Thank you so much. I will keep updating my status here.

Appreciate your help.

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