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HPV cancer in throat

Someone please help. I am SO worried that I may have throat cancer!!

I have had swollen tonsils for 7 months now. The right side is bigger than the left. Every now and then they will get pus pockets in them. I also have two redish yellow spots on the roof of my mouth close to the back and a few of those spots on the back of my throat. My throat feels tight. Every now and then I will have a pain my throat or tonsils and a burning feeling. I also have ear pains. I have only had an actual sore throat twice since the swelling began. Meds will taken away the pus pockets but not the swelling.

I have no other symptoms than that. No knot or anything.

I have been to 3 different doctors about them. two of those doctors gave me meds and sent me home. One has told me that I just need to have my tonsils removed. I have been to that doctor 4 different times due to meds not responding. I have been putting off getting them removed because I have heard that it is painful.

I have had several blood work done for this and that recently. Would if I had a trace of cancer it would show up, right?? Like some kind of abnormality would show?? The doctor who said I need them removed said that the blood work was good, nothing more than tonsillitis.

But why have they been swollen SO LONG??

I am 20 years old. I use to have strep very bad has a child. But I really never had trouble from my tonsils til now.

I live on a dirt road. Since I have lived here, I have had bad sinus problems. I would cough up black stuff and blow my nose and black stuff would come out. It has been that way for years. Due to this, I had to have surgery on my sinus and they put a hole in my sinus to my throat to filter it someway. I have cats which makes my eyes itch some. I am dating a guy who smoked. Maybe it is allergies??

I have had oral sex and unprotected sex. I am embarrassed to ask my doctor about this. I am so extremely worried that I have throat cancer from HPV.

I have never been tested from HPV due to my age. In the state I live in, they don't give those test until age 21. So I do not know if I have HPV.

I recently had a hysteroscopy and two pulps removed from my uterus. Would that surgery have shown HPV??

I have searched and searched but find nothing that really relates. The symptoms I am having is like so many other things, including allergies, cancer and tonsillitis. I have found photos that say cancer then some say tonsillitis. They all look so much alike! How do I know the difference?! If they look alike and symptoms are alike how are the doctors so confident that it is just tonsillitis??  

Someone please help!

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There's a CDC site you can look into, although you may have already gone there (?), anyway here it is in case you haven't visited it:

http://www.cdc.gov/std/hpv/stdfact -hpvoralcancer.htm

I have HPV, and I've experienced sore throats and tonsillitis throughout my entire life ( since early childhood, way before the HPV), but yet to have any oral cancers thank goodness. I envy you because you have found a doctor who is willing to remove your tonsils, mine refuse to :(  so I get stuck taking antibiotics and pain pills...
You should get screened/tested for HPV by your gynecologist, it's very easy and simple, and you can be in & out of the dr.'s office within a 1/2 hour tops. It may help ease your mind from worry.
Take Care and Good Luck
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Hi, you're welcome
Yes, actually I have had the white tongue issues every time that I've had tonsillitis. I've had so many throat problems ( bouts of tonsillitis/ strep throat) in the past few years, that the pharmacists know me by first name now. Anyway, maybe ask your doctor about what's going with your tongue, and ask about antibiotics for your tongue issues, but if there's not any infection going on, they probably won't prescribe antibiotics. Some people believe that discoloration of the tongue, is a sign of stomach or digestive problems.
If you find out what the cause is, let us know!
Take Care :)
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