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HPV complications in marriage

I am considering marrying a woman who has HPV.
Would that mean I would always have to use protection during intimacy? What limitations would I experience? Thank you
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I assume you are a male and you know about your hpv status for low risk strain (benign wart causing)... There wouldn't be any complications if you are infected with low risk strain of the virus that causes warts... The low risk strain has no long or short terms complications and warts are always benign (non-cancerous) and tend to shed over a 6-24 months period... These warts are manageable if they are visible outside your genital region but may add a littel complication if these are internal and would require a laser, cryotherpy or surgical excision... This is a very common virus that affects over 80% of population at least with one strain by the time they reach the age of 50... The majority of people never know they have it... if warts develop on mucus memberance of your genital area... Using condoms will provide only upto 70% protection since it does not cover all the genital region... As such you wouldn't need to use any protection... Did your wife had any previous sexual partners??? If so, chances are that she probably is already infected with at least one strain of this virus... There are no know associations of this virus with pregnancy and miscarragies... there wouldn't be any complications... The one main thing, that is very important, your wife will need to go on regular pap tests to keep an eye on her cervical health... If you have high-risk strain of this virus that has no symptoms in men and can't be diagnosed with any FDA approved test, your wife MUST have regular paps... I want to share a lot of facts with you about this virus so that you make you believe that it is not uncommon and marriage is always a possibiliy... Please read through posts on this forum to educate yourself after the facts... The key is to keep yourself monogamous in relationship and take care of your health... Adopt a healthy lifestyle like stop smoking, take vitamins, good sleep, avoid stress and anxiety, do excercises, eat fresh vagitable and fruits and you evenutally will be able to set this virus at least to a dorment state... if you don't get a recurrance of wart within 6 months of the first clearance, you may well consider yourself cured and with a very low to zero risk of virus transmission to other partner... the best you may do is get all your warts treated before going into marriage relationship...
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:-) lolz

I just wake up and quickly read your question... i was in a hurry but wanted to reply to at least one post... I had to spend a lot of time writing the above text and when i read your question again, I came to knew that you are planning to marry a women with hpv... I read it as you've hpv and want to marry... okay my answer to your actual question is very short:

you don't need to use protection... just stay monogamous and maintain a good health... For men, there are no long or short term complications having hpv... warts are just a cosmatic concern and majority of people will clear the infection at their own... men having high risk hpv strain will rarely develop any symptoms and their body will clear the infections at their own.. hopefully, you'll get some good information from my last post too... :-) lolz
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