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HPV experience / removal?

Hello, I have had HPV for almost two years now. I first saw a doctor and they told me they could either freeze them off or I could use Aldara. I chose the latter and although I attempted to use it two different times for over a months period of time, it did not seem to work. On top of that, I have also tried using cider vinegar and freezing it off at home which has caused some scarring. I'm very embarrassed about seeing a doctor again about this so I have come to you guys for some advice. I really want to get them taken care of once and for all I have some questions for those who are reading..

Has anyone had any experience with hpv leaving on its own? How long did it take?
Has anyone ever had them frozen off? Was it successful and did it leaving any scars?
Experience with Aldara? And has anyone here ever dealt with scars from hpv?

Please feel free to add to this discussion for others who might be in the same situation.
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The freezing kits you buy in stores, have large 'heads' on them because they are designed for larger warts people would get on their hands and feet. It leaves scarring on your penis because you are killing off perfectly normal skin cells, not just the wart. However, the freezing method performed by doctors is much more precise, as it only covers the warts, and it is also more effective (it's colder). Do not be frightened about it hurting, it barely stings. Warts can linger around for a while, or spread if you don't have them taken care of. I have read more customer feedback on Aldara than any on person probably should have. What many people do not know about it, is that it is an immune system reactor. There are no self-ingredients in Aldara to help kill the virus, it simply alerts your immune system to the area. That's why this product can be hit or miss... if you have a great immune system it may work, but if you have a weak immune system, the results will be minimal.

Please do yourself a big favor and see the dermatologist to have them frozen off. It takes seconds and the results are instant. In a few days, the wart quite literally falls off, your skin will turn a purple color, and clear up normally with no scarring. Whereas Aldara has to be applied for over a month and may not produce any results.

And please, put away your pride... these doctors see this sort of thing every day. You aren't shocking them or showing them something they are going to judge you for. You caught a virus, same as the flu, chicken pox, common cold, it's all the same. What if you had a wart on your hand? You'd probably not care too much at all to visit the doctor. This is the same exact virus, it's just location.

...the cider vinegar, please stop that. You might as well use a banana peel or an apple skin, or maybe squeeze an orange over them. Useless.

Anything else, just ask.

My Best,
Would you recommend anything for the scarring?
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