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HPV false postive

How accurate is HPV testing? Can you get a false positive?  I have been married 41 years and he is the only sexual partner I have ever had. We married young (I was 17 and he was 20). We were both (supposedly) virgins when we married.  I have never had sexual contact with anyone else (not even heavy petting).  I only had one other boyfriend, and all we ever did was kiss, not even any fondling. Well, even though I always thought I didn't need HPV testing (because we were monogamous), I always elected to do the testing.  My pap smear was normal, but I tested positive for HPV 16 & 18, the kind that causes cervical cancer.
  Of course, I was pretty upset, and after researching HPV, calmly confronted my husband.  He claims he has never had any other sexual relationships, before or during our marriage.  Four weeks after the first test, I went back to the doctor for some answers and they let me be retested. Guess what? It came back negative!  Of course, I know, and the doctor said that just because it came back negative doesn't mean that I haven't been infected with HPV, that it probably went dormant.  On the other hand, my husband insists that he knew it would be negative because he has done nothing wrong.  I don't know what to think!  He has never given any signs that he has been unfaithful at any time during our marriage.  Our sex life is more active now than when our children were young! He is home at 5:00 every day, home all weekend, doesn't even drink or go to bars, or hang out with friends without me.  This is causing me so much stress, I cry every day.
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