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HPV from a guy's hand?

About 14 months ago, I met another guy and there was an ever-so-brief sexual encounter.  Basically, we masturbated in front of each other...not touching each other.  At one point however, the guy (to my dismay) reached out and held my erect penis (I can't even say it was a "stroke"...more like a fondle.  It was for maybe a minute at the most.)  For the life of me I can't remember if he had touched HISMELF yet or not.  Supposedly, he did not have any STDs, nor did I see any evidence of any.  Of course, from that day onward, I have checked myself daily for any signs of STDs.  

About 8 months ago, I noticed a few little white spots near the base of my penis.  They may have been there for a long time, but I noticed them because I shaved the pubic hair a little around my penis...something I usually do not do.  I could see more of the skin now, in other words.  I thought they were hair follicles or fordyce spots, although I was suspicious of them because they seemed a little more "on top of" the skin rather than under the skin, also no hairs ever grew out of them.  Additionally, over time, they did seem to be getting a little bigger.  Sometimes, they would be a little shiny or scaley-looking.  One good thing...they never had a "cauliflower"-like appearance, nor were they necessarily grouped together in any bunches.  They were painless and did not itch or anything.  There was also a rather 'raw-looking", shiny, white-ish-looking area on the underside of my penis....sort of like a "plaque".  This too did not itch or hurt.  I don't know if I had it BEFORE I was with the guy or if I got it after. I only noticed it after I began obssessing about all this and checking every single day. I figured this spot was maybe due to the fact that it was almost exactly the same shape as how my penis "hangs" on top of my sctotum when flaccid...the erosion perhaps due to sweat/salt from my body, lack of sunlight or air...and possibly masturbation, since it is ALSO a place where I tend to stimulate myself through my underwear prior to masturbation.

By the way, my wife knows about this incident now.  To this day...14 months later...she has not noticed any warts or anything.  While this is a hopeful sign, I do realize that for women, sometimes things are actually more on the inside.  She goes for her annual pap smear in a few days, so hopefully we'll have more information to work with soon.

Anyway, to make a long story short:  a dermatologist has diagnosed me with Lichen Planus.  This is after three biopsies from different parts of my penis.  However, I can't get it out of my mind that I might STILL have HPV in addition.  I fear that the biopsies might have been skewed, because they were first taken only after I had used Aldara cream for about five weeks.  (A first-opinion from my urologist was that it was maybe Molluscum Contagiosum.  He has sinced concurred that he also believes it is Lichen Planus.)  The Aldara made my genital area look like a war zone.  

Would biopsies still show "Lichen Planus" clearly?...or would the Aldara have "degraded the skin" such that the person performing the biopsy would be led to THINK it is Lichen Planus...and simply be at a loss as to what ELSE to call it?  (For example...maybe no HPV showed up because I had used the Aldara JUST LONG ENOUGH to "kill" the virus, temporarily.)  The places where I had the little spots did scab-up and heal when using the Aldara...something which tells me it was maybe indeed getting "rid of" of "killing" SOMETHING!  After some time now, the little spots are returning, although much less ...so far.

The dermatologist gave me Desonate to use on my penis.  I have not begun to use it, however, because I fear the use of steroids and also because he and I both agreed it might be helpful to first let the skin of my penis heal and get a little thicker after the use of the Aldara.  I am also getting concerned about this too:  after about two months now, the skin of my penis seems to get red and rupture much more easily from masturbation.   Has Aldara ruined it for good!?  I try to avoid masturbation completely, but also need to retain my sanity!  I have no idea how "intercourse" fares since my wife and I have not had sex since I started asking the docs about this whole situation in September.

So, my question is actually three-fold:  1)  How likely is HPV transmission by hand from a mere touch or stroke of the penis in a mutual masturbation scenario?  2)  Could the results of my "Lichen Planus" biopsies have been altered, skewed or "ruined" by the degenerative effects of Aldara?  3)  How long does it take after using Aldara for the skin to return to "normal"..especially as far as thickness is concerned?  

As you can see, I have tried to think of every possibility as I work to figure this whole thing out!

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your not at risk for HPV..its very RARE that it transfers from the hand..

i think you need to relax ... you have been to the doctor, if he saw warts he would have told you.... there is no HPV test for men, if your wife goes to the doctor n gets a pap and he pap comes back positive then your are more then likely the one who gave it to her, because men are usually the carriers.....good luck
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