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HPV from french kissing

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HPV from french kissing?
Rejosam 1 min
Hi, I did something stupid couple of days back. I visited a escort, i got bit carried away and I french kissed her just once, maybe it lasted couple of seconds and i also fingered her. But I guess, I felt guilty and did not progress to sex. I did not do any oral sex or any Penetration sex. I am married and i only ever been with my wife and she too never had any other sexual partner. I am worried i might have got hpv from french kissing from that 1 occassion and i cant get initimate with my wife due to fear, I might pass the infection to her. Am i being paronoid? Please help.
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Yes, you should not worry about that at all.  You have a better chance of winning a lottery...
You did make me chuckle..cheers

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