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HPV genital warts or skin tag?


Today I was diagnosed as having a genital wart.  Apparantly I got it from my ex boyf a couple of months ago.It prob is a genital wart as it turns out he had one, however my one does not look anything like any pics I have seen.  It looks just like a skin tag. Is it possible for a genital wart to llok like a skin tag?

Also I am a bit confused and worried about meeting someone else and giving them genital warts.  I understand most ppl have HPV and who knows, I prob had it before sleeping with my ex-boyf,  however how does it work with the wart condition?  Will I have to tell every future partner about this? I dont think i can do this as I am so embarrassed by it.  

I was given the liquid nitrogen treatment and a topical cream with podophylloxton in it. When is it ok to have sex again? And what if I ever get married - will I risk giving my husband these warts?

Please give me your advice , Im driving myself crazy with worry.

Many thanks
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I was in the exact same position as you. I had a few warts that looked like skin tags too. I thought thats what they were for a couple of years, but I finally got the courage to go see the doctor and lo and behold, they were warts. So, it's very possible that your doc is right. Good for you to see your doc quickly. I wish I had.

Right now, it is very possible to pass on the HPV virus. But, if you go about 6-8 months without reoccurence, it's a good bet that your immune system has suppressed the virus into a DORMANT stage. This means that it can pop up anytime again if your immune system weakens (due to sickness,etc). But, b/c you have it now, your future partners deserve to know. A good 80% of all sexually active ppl will get HPV in their lifetime. just be glad that you showed symptoms b/c it's most likely a low-risk HPV that's not associated with cancer. Its the strains of the virus that don't show symptoms that ppl should worry about.

I know it's embarrassing to tell future partners, but say they got the warts or you explained it after your first encounter. How would you feel then? Probably a lot worse than having to tell them before you have sex.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice. how long do you think the initial treatment will take to work?
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It really varies. But, since you only have one and started treatment rather early (unlike me), then I would say a few sessions. So, give it a couple of months. It'll go by quickly. Just don't have sex in that time if possible. But, in the heat of the moment, use a condom.
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I kind of have the same problem. My doctor told me on the first visit I have 4 skin tags. Then I started freakin out as usual and went back again. He once again said he didnt think it was HPV so i asked by chance it is what would we do. He said well we would used aldara fist and see it it works. I have been on aldara now for 1 week and do not see any change. But sinse I am freaking out my diet is suffering and so is my sleep. I have lik 4 little mole looking spots at the base of my shaft and a couple on my penis shaft. Non of them are shaped or raised alot. I think I can only feel one of them with my fingur.
i guess i need to know if he is right or not. They look nothing like anything I have seen on the internet.

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