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HPV just diagnosed - terrified

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with HSV1 genitally in October which I believe came from my boyfriend orally (he had a sore on his mouth but never believed he had suffered with coldsores). That was a shock enough to get my head around, but now, this week, I've had a little cyst like bump on my labia which I got checked out and was told was fine. I found a second one this morning which worried me, so I went back to the docs who said 'Actually, that's genital warts.' I can't believe it. I feel devastated. I have been in a monogamous relationship for ten months, and was in a relationship for 3 years prior to that. I am entirely monogamous but am terrified my boyfriend will think I've been unfaithful. I don't understand any of this. I don't understand how I have this. My head is spinning and I feel so scared. HSV and HPV in 3 months??? Could the HPV be from my boyfriend? Could I have had it since we got together and not known? I don't understand any of this. I have never had any symptoms of this before and I am so confused. It's all I can think abut at the moment. I know that sounds dramatic but I've literally just walked out of the doctor's surgery and I can barely think straight......
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HSV1 is very common and also affects the people those are sexually inactive like children... The other concern of your about HPV, it is extremely difficult to tell if you were infected by your current or previous partner, this is because of hpv's ability to lie dorment for years and suddenly show up with symptoms... hpv for men is no big deal and is most of a cosmatic concern... more than 80% of popullation is infected with this virus by the time they reach their 50s... further, warts are non-cacerous skin growth and have no short or long term ill effects even if left untreated... men have not much to worry about as they had to get at least 1 strain of this virus if they ever become sexually active...
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hey! i'm no doctor...so don't quote me on this. but my GYN told me that genital warts is a form of HPV and if you have HPV then genital warts is a risk factor of the initial "disease".
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