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HPV/oral sex

Is it possible to get the HPV strains that cause anus and penis cancer as well as genital warts from receipt of oral sex? is there any screening for HPV in men? and is HPV removed regardless from the body over time by the immune system?

replies appreciated.
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According to the CDC, oral sex can spread HPV but it is a very low risk compared to gential sex.


There is no HPV test for men.  Skin would have to be scraped off in every genital skin area and biopsied.But that's crazy and no one is going to do that. Some gay men are getting anal pap smears but that may not mean they don't have it elsewhere. No blood or urine test exists for men stinks. Men are usually carriers and many are cluless. Most doctors (and the CDC) believe that HPV remains in one's body forever with low levels clinging to DNA. For the majority (90%), the virus remains dormant and you aren't infectious again. However no one knows who is in this 90% and I've starting to wonder if this stat is BS. Women get negative test results after procedures yet some get positive results years later without having sex. There are some here who think a weakened immune system (and smoking cigs) causes people to become infectious again. If you've slept with 4 or more partners, you have been exposed (safe or unsafe sex). For most this not a big deal and the alternative (celibacy) sucks.
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Yes, possible to do so. HPV is shed off from skin and mucosal areas that are infected. Mouth / urethra/vaginal fluids - all can shed HPV virus and get transmittted to partner if contact occur (skin/mucosal)

Gardasil protects against 4 types of HPV. Newer version of Gardsil (brother) is V503 (Merck), probably will come out in mid 2014 - that new brother protects against 9 types of HPV.

If one has has hpv16/18 related cancer, procervix vaccine might help, but this vaccine is still on trial and covers only type 16/18 cancers..who knows when it will be released.
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Never heard of another vaccine for HPV other then Gardasil. However these vaccines are only for people who have never have never been exposed. meaning if you have had sex only once in your whole life you cannot benefit, due to already being infected?..
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Yes, Gardasil, a quadrivalent vaccine [and Cervarix, a bivalent vaccine] was originally made as "prophylactic" vaccines, instead of "therapeutic" vaccines ie they were meant to help prevent infection in ppl whom has never had HPV infection. Procervix is a diff kind of vaccine, which is still under evaluation (Phase I) and this vaccine is considered "therapeutic" as it addresses existing infection and knock out cells harboring HPV viruses, including cells that had transformed into cancerer/pre malignant.  Procervix however targets only hpv16 and 18 induced cancer or infected cells. So, it is a bivalent therapeutic vaccine. Since it is only in phase I (has yet undergone phase II and III), it is not known if it will be released or when.

Although Gardasil is considered as preventative vaccine, there is an intriguing study demonstrating its possible efficacy in preventing existing disease from become more serious.  Google "gardasil reduce anal cancer recurrence".  In such study, HIV negative men who have had anal cancer related to HPV were vaccinated using Gardasil, and the result indicated Gardasil significantly reduced recurrence of HGAIN (high grade anal cancer).  I did not read the paper in full, but I believe such result, due to my own personal experience.  

I have had burning urethritis which upon standard STD test, gave neg results for all possible bugs known ie HIV, HSV 1/2, syphilis, gonnorhea chlamydia etc.  At least one research paper stated that many men with urethritis are positive on HPV.

I also had one  small flat lesion slightly hyperpigmented on the shaft and also some v.small papules (flesh colored) that are not that obvious. Although I didnt do HPV pcr test, I am sure these are HPV related lesions. The lesions did not disappear on Gardasil, however, the urethritis disappered post gardasil, right on the 4th month somewhat.  If one analyses gardasil antibody induction / titer graph, the 4th month were somewhat near the maximal titer of antibody being produced (google gardasil msds, see pg12).

So, my theory is that, I had HPV infected cells, that are shedding HPV virions in the urethra, and the released viral particles are infective and also I believe as the viral particles released in high amts are irritating as they are foreign materils.  When Gardasil produced antibodies (towards HPV 16,18,6,11), the HPV producing cells were somewhat targeted I believe (due to "friendly fire" from antibody-antigen reaction)

When antibody is being produced in vaccinated ppl, they produced two kinds of AB ie in the blood (serum AB) and also secretory AB (released in saliva or other bodlily fluids eg vaginal/anal/penile mucous).  Secretory Ab is also known as ImmunoglobulinA.  It will neutralise any new virions produced in the body theoretically, as when such AB floats around, it will bind to the viral particles (aka known as opsonisation reaction) and "flag it" be targeted by eg neutrophiil.  When Neutrophil (our immune cells) see the  flagged materials, it will destroy it and release destroying chemicals that could also inadvertently destroy cells that are nearby (thus friendly fire). I believe such reaction can cause infected cells that shed new viral particles to be destroyed. That was why the urethritis were gone. That is only my take of it (hypothesis)

In the research study paper above, the HGAIN recurrence could have theoretically been reduced, due to the same story. When thre is a lot of secretory AB, it will destroy any new viral particles produced by the infected cells.  Thus, this reduces the disease severity ie it PREVENTS newer cells (nearby) from being infected, and prevent cancer transformation, thus reducing the cancer recurrence.  it is also possible that, when LESS infective viral particles are shed, due to the antibody induced by Gardasil, there is LESS inflammation, hence there is a reduced recurrence of cancer, as inflammation is an established /known factor that can promote cancer progression.

Thus, there is a possible benefit of using Gardasil.  I have to remind ppl also of the side effect. My first injection was on the arm and it left scary, painful lesion (about 4cm), although not red or causing serious erosion, it was very painful. Also, I think it caused me to hv numbness on the arm/hands somewhat, which thankfully disappeared later (after abt 3 mo).  The headache also was apparent, and it seems like it travelled from the arm (injected arm), into the left side of my cranium.  This also disappeared in abt 3 mo

The 2nd dose, I decided to hv it on the upper thigh (although the doc said the butt could also do).  Using that way, I didnt experience any severe reaction as of the 1st incidence. Although the injection site was slightly painful, there were local reaction (edema like, itchy), most probably the antibody from the 1st injection is doing its job on the injection site.

Since vaccines are thought to be toxic due to their effect in reducing glutathione levels in the nervous system, ppl taking vaccine might want to supplement themselves with glutathione and S-adenosylmethione, a few days before vaccination, so that the levels of these are elevated to counteract such possible toxicity


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I forgot to mention, according to some articles, it is mentioned that ppl who are naturally infected with HPV, -will- produce their own antibodies against the invading HPV type..-however- the amt of AB produced is very far lower than that induced by Gardasil or vaccination, so that only via vaccination -high- antibody(ies) titer is produced, and thus could neutralise newly invading HPV virus (and most possibly also neutralise hpv virions that are shed from infected cells)
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