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HPV risk from french kiss

First thing first: THANK YOU very much in advance for providing the medical input!

My girl friend has informed me that she has abnormal paps test result. Cervical biopsy determined that she has HPV CIN 1. She said that she got the HPV from her previous boyfriend. She told me that she performed oral sex and had anal sex with her previous boyfriend about 1 year ago.
Currently, she had 2 warts on her vagina opening and 1 on the anus opening.

She went to ENT specialist and the Doctor did not find any sign that she has HPV in her throat, but the doctor also informed her that there is not a test to confirm if she has HPV in her throat until she develops warts. The ENT concluded that she does not have HPV in her throat.

We have not had sex but we have had plenty deep french kiss.
1. Am I at risk for getting HPV from french kissing with her?
2. Do I need to get oral screening from my dentist?
3. Does it reduce my risk of getting HPV & oral cancer if we use Listerine mouth wash before and after we french kiss.
4. since condom does not protect HPV, we plan to skip sexual intercourse or me performing oral sex on her until her pap come back normal (could be up to 2 years). To get intimate, we plan to perform mutual masturbation followed by thorough hand-washing. Is this a good way to prevent me from getting HPV? do we need to wear disposable latex glove?
5. Given what her ENT concluded, is it safe for me to receive oral sex from her?

Apology for all the questions, but your input is greatly appreciated.
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Your gf could have had type 6 or 11 HPV, as she developed warts. Since she had oral and anal contacts, it means those mucosal linings could have been exposed as well to the strain of HPV she currently has

Pls note that HPV could assume its normal life cycle (productively shedding viral particles) or it could also take another kind of life: induce cancer formation (warts/cervical cancer) –or- it could take both kind of pathways in the same perso n (as there are many cells already infected in the). So, there is an expected risk/possibility that  she also had oral infection, but it is not appearing, since the cancerous pathway is not taken by the virus in the oral mucosa, and such productive pathway sheds viruses

You can read some related info here


There is no way of knowing if the oral part is not harboring any infected cells, so I do not know the absolute fact,  but since oral sex had been done, there is a good possibility infection had occurred.
Also, an infection could only be passed, if the viral titer is sufficiently high and transferred to the partner.  There is also a possibility that her immune system  at the oral part is good, and there is no viral shedding there, or the virus had established infection, but viral replication is suppressed or also, maybe, it had been eradicated in the oral part, who knows.  Also, it is generally said that HPV infection could be eradicated by the immune system, typically 80% of infected ppl will be symptom free by the 2nd yr.  This is only an estimation by scientific community; those with cervical cancer or warts – it means that the immune system failed to eradicate the virus.  There is also a possibility that you could have gotten the virus already, but symptoms free

So, with the above facts, you can consider if there is risk/not for kissing your gf.  If you go to dentist/doctor to screen for HPV, normally they would  say no,  if there is no warts/malignant cells that they can see, although as mentioned above, the virus could still be around without warts/symptoms

AFAIK deep kissing will exchange quite an mount of saliva, and the mouth and that area will be affected.You cant Listerine your way into the throat.  I know this is a terrible fact, but that is what I know.  If kissing  is done, perhaps ozonated water is better at that, it is not caustic, and it could be taken internally.  Use an ORP meter to check the ozonated water is potent, a 600mV ozonated water is a good disinfectant for bugs/viruses – squish the water in the mouth and drink sufficient amount (slowly) to wash out the throat (to increase contact time).  Both you and your partner could also do that to decrease etc oral transmission. I personally find ozonated water is waayyy better at preventing bacterial colony / tar formation in between my teeths! than etc tooth pastes

As for masturbation only plan, make sure both hands are cleaned prior to touching and no cross touching in between you during session (ie touching own’s genital and then partner’s one,  will then cause the transfer of bodily fluids and thus that would mean it is the same as having sexual intercourse).  As for receiving oral sex, consider the above facts and make your own deicision.

Despite the above, there also light at the end of the tunnel, you can also get yourself immunized with Gardasil (or cervarix).


Gardasil protects specifically for type 6,11, 16 and 18 HPV viruses.  Other high risk HPVs (so called 'cross protection') are only marginally covered somewhat by Gardasil and Cervarix.  Cervarix vaccine is designed against type 16 and 18.  I have taken two doses of Gardasil (although Im not sure if haven’t any of the viruses above, but I don’t have obvious warts) The GP said it may prevent formation of future warts for those already infected, although I am not sure of such truth for those already infected, as Gardasil supplier did not make such claim as of current data.
Gardasil requires 3 jabs, all done within 6 months.  2nd jab is done at 1 or 2 month post 1st jab.  3rd jab is at 6th month of 1st jab.  At 7th month, after 1st jab, your antibody titer against type 6,11,16 and 18 should be high enough to knock out any of those viral particles trying to gain infection on exposure.  

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joey90675 ,

Thank you very much for the comprehensive and detail information. This is VERY helpful info.
I will look more into the the links you have provided.

thanks again
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Hi and welcome, the prevelance of oral HPV is low and doctors say that kissing or even deep kissing is not something to worry about. There is much debate on the topic and the conclusion is not really an issue to contract it.
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