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HPV-throat cancer

Hi, I've read some articles regarding HPV and throat cancer. Last week, I developed some symptoms that scare me. I've been coughing, I had a sore throat that looked like Tonsilitis and also uncomfortable feeling in throat. Sore throat was relieved after taking antibiotics but on the right side of my throat. There's still sharp stabbing pain when I drink or swallow my saliva. It seems to radiate to my right ear as well. I'm concerned about HPV because i've given  oral sex to guys . Does it sound like throat cancer? I never got tested for  HPV though.
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doesn't sound at all like throat cancer.  give strep time to clear up .

have you ahd your gardasil hpv shot series yet?

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I've got 1 shot while I was in the US. Now I'm back in Thailand so I can't continue it here. Would that work? That was done last year.
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you should still be able to get the rest of your shots there.

as I said, no reason to think this is an oral hpv issue.
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