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HPV within the Sigmoid Colon? Hemmrhoids/ Piles within Sigmoid Colon?

I am a 31 yo, heterosexual male.  

So, I noticed some rectal bleeding about one month ago.  It started with a little blood on the stools and if I ate something with more carbohydrates, I noticed more blood.  I have noticed that if I drink more water or take a stool softener, there is typically less blood.  I am currently seeing blood on my stools almost every bowel movement with a concentration of blood observed in the morning.  

I, personally, have not had any visual occurrences on my anus, penis, or throat.  I have never had sexual content with anyone that has had HPV to their knowledge, however, that may not mean much.  

What is the likelihood that I'm dealing with HPV and that I actually have genital warts within my colon?  I've read that HPV typically affects the dermis of our physical skin on the exterior of the vagina, penis, and/ or anus.  

I have been to a physician who unpleasantly checked the exterior and interior of my rectal area with no aberrations detected.  I have had a CTC with all values coming in within the normal range and no anemia detected.  I also had a FIT test completed, which, came out abnormal.  

I have a prep appointment for a colonoscopy coming up the first of January.  My physician has a strong suspicion that I am experiencing hemmrhiods.  My grandfather had late onset colon cancer in his late 60's, however, he ate a very low fiber diet and smoked everyday.  

Any thoughts and considerations are greatly appreciated.  
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The odds of HPV causing the bleeding are low mostly because the science hasn't shown this. You should not think you have HPV unless you get diagnosed with it.

I am having slightly similar issues (Diverticulitis) and I also have Bowel Wall Thickening caused by TBD (could have been too much fiber in my diet or an infection). The bleeding stopped after I started a low fiber (low residue) diet and took some meds to fix infections. I am eating white bread and corn flakes now. Foods that I have not eaten in decades. No tomatoes, peanuts or whole wheat bread too. I will slowly get back to using fiber

During your colonoscopy, your doctor will see if there are any internal warts, hemorrhoids or polyps. My grandmother died of colon cancer 60 years ago. My colonoscopy failed because of the wall issue. I had a cat scan which showed the wall issue. Next up for me is a virtual colonoscopy so they can see if there are any polyps.
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