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My boyfriend gives me oral each time we have sex, however, I recently found out I have HPV. How will this affect us?
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Thank you @veryworried420 for replying to me. I have the that produces the warts.
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Do you have the low risk strains that produce warts or the high risk strains which may or may not lead to cancer?

Oral sex (giving or receiving) is not safe.There is no such thing as completely safe sex.  He can possibly get a genital wart in his mouth one day (could be years from now) or the high risk strain that could someday lead to oral cancer. There is no test for men to detect genital HPV and no FDA approved oral test for men or women to detect Oral HPV. If you two have been having unsafe sex, then he should assume that he has what you have. If you two have been having safe sex, then the odds are like 50% he has what you have. It could be higher if the sex has been frequent Men are usually the carrier and he could have infected you.  The absence of warts on a man or woman does not mean either does not have HPV. This virus is the common cold of STDs which 80% of all sexually active adults being exposed to it.

During your recovery from HPV, he should refrain from giving you oral sex. Educate him and yourself on this virus by looking at the CDC site.


Should he assume he has what you have or that he infected you, then you two share the same virus strain. Which means you two (after you recover) can have all of the unsafe sex together you want for the rest of your lives because you cannot re-infect each other. Some couples who realize this fact stay together forever because it is simpler than informing future partners. The most important thing right now is your recovery. Not sex. Speak to your GYN about this and become healthy again. Latex condoms may be needed during the recovery period as it has been proven to aid the recovery. Good luck!
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