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Having a mustard sized warts under my penis near the testicles

Am having a small mustard sized wartz under my penis near the testicles. Am thinking whether it may spread to my wife while having sex. Sometimes back we were thinking of having our second child. But after I had a look at it recently am worried about further sex and planning for our next child. One of the doctors said that it wont spread to my wife. But the things i read in internet threaten me a lot. Please anyone who has wartz on the male genitals has worried so. IS my worry correct and how can i proceed?? Please advise.

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Yes, she can catch it from you, especially if you currently have a wart. The only way you can prevent that is if you wear a condom. Does she know you have this?

I recently had a few warts and i used apple cider vinegar for my treatment. It was inexpensive with quick results. All you need is cotton balls, organic apple cider vinegar and small bandages. Dip a small piece of cotton into the acv, let it soak then place it on the wart. Secure the cotton onto the wart with the bandage. I left a bandage on the warts all day and would apply a new bandage with acv 2-3 times a day. The warts turned white after the first day then black by the third day. On the fourth day there was fresh raw skin. At that time, I discontinued acv treatment and applied tea tree oil for one day. After that, I made sure to keep the area clean. I have been applying neosporin to help it heal and prevent and infection. In about a week your warts should clear.
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And are you sure they're warts, they could be Fordyce spots which are very common.
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If he has an active wart and he has had sex with his wife, she has it too.  The deed is done. Condoms don't cover the area near the testicles. It is pointless to use one when married since intimacy usually spreads it. Your wife should get tested for HPV asap by her GYN. She probably has same strain that you have.You should refrain from sex until the wart is removed or gone for 3-6 months to prevent more warts and recover your health.

The virus never leaves the body but people can become non-infectious. Men cannot be tested except a biopsy of the bump. Get it removed and biopsied for an accurate diagnosis. Or accept the medical advice of a dermatologist via visual inspection and then rely on your wife's test results. If she has a positive result, then your bump is a wart and you have what she has. You can have unsafe sex with your wife since you cannot re-infect each other, after your health recovers.
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You're statement that his wife is already infected is purely speculation.  Also, how do you know that the virus 'never leaves the body?' If you are referring to the everlasting presence of HPV antibodies, then you are correct. There is no testing that finds the virus in your body unless you are having a biopsy completed on a wart. So, when you informed him that his wife needs to request a HPV test from her GYN, you probably confused him. Doctors can only diagnose genital warts by conducting a biopsy on a genital wart. An HPV anti body test would be pointless since the HPV virus has over 200 different strains and is extremely prevalent in our society. Due to this, a very large amount of the population will have HPV antibodies, regardless of the presence of genital warts.
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Your statement*
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Huh?  Speculation?  He had unsafe sex with his wife while having a possible wart. How could she not have it? Miracles occur but this would be a whopper.

Women can get tested for HPV without a wart biopsy.


"HPV test: A test that looks for HPV on a woman’s cervix. Doctors take cells by swabbing the cervix. This is often done at the same time as a Pap test."
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