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He has HPV? What about me?

I just found out that my boyfriend has HPV, we have not yet had sex, so i believe this is why he told me. But I don't really know...

Anyway, I have NOOOO clue what I am supposed to do now. Can we have sex? Will I get HPV no matter what. What about oral?

&& I have 2 of the 3 HPV vaccinations, does this help me at all?

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You've already been partially protected by getting 2 vaccination shots... You must take the last vaccination dose before becoming sexually active with your boyfriend... usually, for men, hpv is no big deal and is just a cosmatic concern... men usually have no symptoms for high risk strain...
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The vaccine protects only for the four most common HPV strands, and only 2 of them are the low risk gential warts variety. Since there is not test for guys, im assuming he has warts. Research, and ask someone from the medical community.
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