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High Risk HPV positive - Throat cancer?

I have been diagnosed with high-risk HPV via a Pap and HPV DNA test.  I am 27, and never received the vaccine.  Due to my sexual activity, I am certain who gave me HPV; I also performed oral sex on this person multiple times.  Since my Pap was abnormal, and HPV is present on my cervix, I am very worried I will have abnormal cell changes / cancer in my throat as well.  Knowing that I performed oral sex on a high-risk HPV positive man, how concerned should I be about throat cancer?

Thank you.
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I would say not to worry about oral hpv, the main reason being the high-risk strains those live on genital areas do not like the oral enviornment and they do not survive well in there... Further, the throat cancer due to hpv is extremely low to rare and hpv is not the major cause of throat cancer but it can be a causitive factor... the tobacco use is the major cause of throat cancer... Studies have shown that people having HPV strains in mouth were either had extremely weak immune system, were HIV positive or they were on chemeotherpy for cancer...
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Oral HPV has no preference oral or vaginal, its equally satisfied to live in either place, it loves mucosa. Testing every biopsy and reporting HPV positive or negative head and neck cancers is now standard requirement teachings hospitals, but its still relatively new. I work in a giant teaching hospital in pathology. 90% of all base of tongue and tonsil cancer are hpv. we are finding up to half of all oropharyngeal, hypopharyngeal, nasopharyngeal cancers are hpv related. its being found that lung cancer tissue has hpv 16 cells. every week, we operate on at least 15 head and neck cancers. unlike the misinformed public and even most 'world health' sites...the reality is, more and more head and neck cancer patients are YOUNG otherwise healthy, nonsmokers with no other health problems. hpv was all it took. if there is a silver lining to getting hpv head or neck cancer, it is much more responsive to chemo and radiation than non hpv cancers...so prognosis is much much better and cure rates are much higher.(75% of hpv cancers are curable, whereas 25% of tobacco related cancers are)  many docs are now offering hpv cancer patients the option of just radiation (no surgery) because of how responsive hpv is to chemo/radiation. so yes, statistically, your chances of developing head and neck cancer from hpv is significant compared to those who dont have hpv 16. and honestly, all you can do is try to take good care of your body and diet.....the rest is up to genetic dna and things beyond your control, so, try not to stress about things you cant control.
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i had been diagnosed to have genetal warts. i had been inject by gardasil, my first injection. is it possible that i will have warts in my mouth? what are the treatment and how? if after i finished injecting the 3 injection, i am safe? please help me, im desperate.
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What do oral warts look like? I have a flat smooth flesh color bump at the junction line near my gums. I've been to 4 doctors and all think its not hpv. I still have my concerns.
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