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How long does it take for genital warts to show up? I'm scared

I recently had sexual experience without a condom and I'm scared because I see bumps in my vagina, small fleshy pink ones. I noticed them exactly 5 days after, can herpes or warts show up in that time or am I just being paranoid? Also, I never truly examined myself with a mirror until that point because I was scared he gave something to me. I asked him and he said he got checked and was cleared. Recently, I had a gynecologist look at me ( she couldn't give me a full pap because I had a yeast infection and it hurt to be opened with that metal tool) I am 18, still a virgin (technically he didn't go all the way in)  and I don't know whether to trust that I'm fine.
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No. Genital warts cannot show up so soon. Herpes takes more time too. Men cannot be tested for HPV, except a biopsy of a genital wart. All a man can do is see a dermatologist for a visual exam but the warts could be under the skin or not visible at all. Get pap tested asap.
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