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Hpv help

I recently been diagnosed Genital warts. My gum clinic provided me with a cream which has helped allot.

I am having issues with my mouth. I regular get ulcers on my tongue. Sometimes they are light and then gets thick white. The ulcers are also itchy. I also get red pimples on my tongue which are painful and itchy lips.

I have heard about oral hpv which are linked to cancers.  I am worried can you please advice?

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I will appreciate if someone can reply to my question please. Thank you.
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I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hpv is never fun. What you describe in your tongue and lips certainly don't sound like hpv, and I can't give an opinion. Have you been screened for hsv? The only STD I'd be aware of that sounds close to that's would be hsv.
Thanks for replying back.  Not been screened for hsv but I did ring Herpes helpline and mentionwd to them about my tongue and lips.

They said if it was hsv I would have had ulcers on my lips not on my tongue.

Don't no what to do.  Is there a screening for hsv?  Really worried.  I hope all goes well.
If be very worried, too, and I can fully understand your fears. My initial reaction to hpv was really bad and long. Just remember that our brains are able to handle it especially in the long run. You will be OK even with hpv.

I am no expert on hsv, but I'd say it is possible to have it on the tongue because these viruses don't surprise me anymore. However, don't let that scare you because I have absolutely no experience with hsv.  I was screened for it through a blood test that looks for hsv antibodies that your immune system would produce if you have the virus. If you've never ever had a cold sore, that would be a good test. Otherwise, it's likely that you'd never know if it was cold sores the test detected or an actual new infection of your lips and tongue.

Another thing to try is see if you can find a qualified professional who has the most experience with hsv in your area. I've found that real life experience with it is the best education. Otherwise, the doctor or dermatologist is just regurgitating what they studied.

Best of luck and know you're not alone!

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