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Hpv high risk .

Hi I just recently a member on this web . I'm glad I found it and I am actually diagnosed with hpv high risk . Dr. Did a cryo and its been almost a week now and goin back on may for my 3 months paps. I have couple question Sir if u could give me a piece if mind just knowing
1. Can I pass it to my 5 yrs old by giving him a bath , ofcourse I do clean his genital and butt by baby wife's ,or kissing him on the lips and sharing towel or even sitting on the toilet . I'm very paranoid , my son also getting starting to get scared bcoz I do state at him alot bcoz I want to make sure I didn't spread the disease I have . I rather have it and I accept that but knowing he will get it incase , I don't want to forgive myself.
2 . My husband doenst have any sign or wart on his penis but he will go for blood work done ASAP , can they test on blood work if has std , HIV, herpes Or hpv . Any possible disease outhere. We been married for almost 10 yrs but I know he's been faithful to me . On the other before we got married I use to be an escort and I know I used condom but last yrs I am been unfaithful to him bcoz my marriage is falling apart and I dicided to go have sex w/ my co worker . May we did unprotected sex only happen 5 times w/o condom .
3 . We did anal sex Also just 1 time and never had it before I use to be escort , if possible also I would be positive with hpv on my anal . Why my ob didn't ask or even told me if I have had sex there before . Pls I am very sorry for my long post I am stupid knowing I have this and regret always last minute .
4. If I have hpv high risk , can i still get wart at the same time , or if I get oral sex will they be in my mouth by now .
Pls help me . Thank you for your time readin this .
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1. No to bath. Both kissing and sharing towels are very, very low risk ways to pass it.

2. You probably passed it to your husband and your lover. There is no test for men here in the USA. Some labs do offer a DNA test via blood but it is not considered to be accurate.

3. Yes HPV can be in anal area,

4. You can have both the high risk strain (no warts) and the low risk (warts). But if your test did not find any low risk strains then you probably only have the high risk. Most people have multiple strains, especially if they have had multiple partners (more than 4).
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Warts are tumours or growths of the skin caused by infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV).They are contagious when in contact with the skin of an infected person. HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, usually during sexual intercourse. It can also be transmitted through oral sex. It cannot be spread by kissing, toilet seats, bedding, door knobs, swimming pools, hot tubs, shared clothing or eating utensils.

There is currently no FDA-approved test to detect HPV in men. Genital warts can be diagnosed through visual examination of the penis and surrounding areas. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all of the infection and you cannot know until you do tests to diagnose it. So your husband should get STD panel done but if he is not having any visible warts then chances of HPV cannot be ruled out by investigations.

strains of HPV classified as "high risk" are associated with both mild and severe cervical abnormalities found on a Pap test. But sometimes high risk strains can cause atypical genital warts that can have precancerous and cancerous changes within them.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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Well thank you both and i am ok now .Today i went to my gyno to see if its wart that im having down there  but he cant ruled out but he swab and send to lab for more accurate test. I have a best gyo dr. even he is a guy he makes me feel everythin is goin to be ok and its not the end of the world. He told just trust him and he would never lie to me what soever bcoz he feel i wasnt complete satisfy on his ability bcoz i reading too much on the internet and giving all worst scenerio possible i can find.
He gave me assurance that mostly it will go away and its like a cold flu like verry worried said that it keep coming back but we able to fight w/it and able to move on until we get it again. I guess maybe i should listen to him, he gave some example   he said hes been a dr. for 15 yrs and only 2 patient he sees become worst than i have bcoz of it they got cancer
the no.1 patient had never had a pap smear for years and year and came to his office bleeding but shes ok now he said
second patient he ask her to come back for treatment but i guess she never came back and it got worst . he told me that only if he can show the paper work for me he would but he cant bcoz of the privacy of patients but those are samples that he give it  to me  and everythin will be fine .It just a cold flu that are immune system will pass it and theres alot of viruses outhere he says thats hard to cure ..
I do believe him but its my fault this is happening and i blame my self and i know people also will blame me i guess. My husband and i we are working our relationship day by day ,he is not even worried at all bcoz he is not planning to get married again if only im not w/him .He forgive me all but he says that i could have that back 13 yrs ago and its been dormant since ..

sorry for venting but i know im not alone ...thanks for listening
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