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Hpv or HSV Type 1!? Could HSV get to your genital area!?

Hallo dear Dr.
I need some help please.
I have been diagnosed with hpv about two years ago by inspection even so, I have never had sex! except once orally and protected by condom so is it really possible !? And I'm circumcised since birth 25 years old healthy. anyway, I used Salicyclic acid once then it's gone although it shows back again two small tiny growths like wart in different sites from the original one about two months ago. One look cauliflower and one is like a blister. So this time I tried to use apple cider (home remedies) for about four days Twice a day for 30min and it is so acidic that it hurts however, I stopped using it right away when I sawed that some of my penile shaft skin starting to shed off. Then after few days it started to heal but the acid appears to reach the glanas (penile head) so it became dry and by time it changed and has wrinkled. What worries me is that I noticed some reddish discoloration from time to time on my penile head and it a bit changed from the way it used to look before! Should I be considered this warning sign? Please help me with this because it is getting me frustrated. P.s I have been to dermatologist who said it could be from the effect of the apple cider and ask me to use some cortisone gel to see if this tiny papule goes away by one week because he thought it could be something else like Pearly benign papule and it didn't go so then he used nitric oxide one it so it decreased in size and told most probably it's a wart. Even so it's been about two months now and I feel my penile head is just getting worse. I'm using shea natural putter now hope it will get better by decreasing the dryness and closing the wrinkles that I never had before . I have had about one week pain in penile head not related to the apple cider, could be from wart or what and how can I know what is wrong?! I can send some pictures of before two months and now. I'm 25 years old. Medically free Except that I have noticed also losing weight last month about 4 killo And laps show Ca 10.3 What should I do next? MRI? Aldara? Biopsy unfortunately is difficult to do so here in my country due to lack of experience. Thanks in advance
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