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Hpv oral cancer question. Please ease my concerns

Thanks so much for taking time to review my post. The recent news of oral cancer from oral hpv has caused myself great stress and worry over the last couple months. In college I had sex with about 20 women and I realize at some point I may contracted genital hpv 16. I've never performed oral sex on any girl that hasn't had an hpv vaccine. However I am concerned that my genitial infection may have somehow reached my mouth.

1. After masturbating, is it possible that if I licked my fingers I could transfer the hpv I have on my penis to my mouth from my hand?

2. If a girl who has has the hpv vaccine(my girlfriend) kisses me after performing oral sex on me- could this transmit hpv to mouth? Assuming it was right away

3. How many girls have hpv 16 genital infections? Research seems conflicting

God bless all those who take time to reply and help me out
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If you got the DNA test and they told you you have HPV 16, you have to be careful because it is one of the causes of oral cancer. However, it doesn't mean you have it in your mouth yet. Tell your doctor about it and check every change in your mouth, specially if you have some bruises or injuries that don't heal. Be careful transmiting the HPV to any women. I know sex is the best in the world but women get more serious problems than men when they have HPV.  Good luck!
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hpv is contracted through skin on skin contact the best thing i could tell you about oral sex is that it is very contagious i grew a wart on my leg where it transmitted from my crotch to exactly where it met my leg i became angry and cut the wart from my leg bad chioce i know :)
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