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Hpv reinfection or recurrence after having vaccinated?

Hi Dr. Hook, Dr. HHH,

Would want to clarify something about genital wart/hpv.
After having an outbreak and getting treated and getting vaccinated afterwards.. what are the chances of recurrence or vaccination can protect you from getting reinfected? Cleared for 5 years.

Thank you,
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This is the community forum. You want the expert section. This guys aren't around anymore, though.

It all depends on the strain you had, I'd think. If you got a strain the vaccine protects against, then it did nothing for you. Vaccines protect against more than one strain so I'd think you'd be protected against the others.
So meaning to say, the vaccine won’t protect or help you from reactivating or being reinfected with the same strain you had before?
I’ve read somewhere that the vaccine actually helps in preventing reinfection?
Ive seen your history, you’ve been posting since 2011, how’s your condition now? Did you ever clear your hpv all these years? I am very curious.
To be honest, I'm not knowledgeable about the vaccine so you'll have to research elsewhere unless someone else chimes in. Not many folks post here, though. You can message verryworried, perhaps.

Mt warts are gone. I've had 3 approximately year long outbreaks since 2010. 2010-2011, 2014-2015,and 2016-2017. Did I get reinfected? Probably. The third time I was under pretty severe stress so maybe that was a reocurrance. I don't know.
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Like any vaccine, it protects against particular strains (think of the flu vaccine). You could still get it again from another type/strain of HPV .

But to get a re-emergence of the same strain after 5 years? Doubtful.

Also side note, im wondering if having warts once makes you more prone to getting reinfected over again with other strains. I heard chlamydia is like that... once you get it you tend to be more prone to catching it again.

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