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Hpv transmission skin to skin

Hello! Im here to ease my mind a bit. Or if I really should be worried. A little about myself. I've been with the same person for about 7 years now. We are each other's first everything. I'm the only person he's ever had any sexual relations with. I was too until about three years ago when we decided to take a two month break from our relationship. I met a guy October 2102 while on break, and while we didn't have sex, we did fool around. He fingered me, and I rubbed his penis and at one point his penis rubbed against my butt for a few seconds. His penis never made contact with my vagina or any of my mucous membrane down there. After the incident, i felt horrible because my boyfriend and I decided to get back together a month after. He swears he didn't have sex with anyone and I was too embarrassed to tell him I had fooled around with someone ( which is why I feel like now this is mostly guilt that's triggering my anxiety). I went to the gyno 5 months after and she tested me for all stds. Everything including my pap was clear. Im good. This week my anxiety spiked again and I decided to go and get blood tested for Herpes. Negative. But now I'm worried about HPV. What if I got some sort of strand of it???? What are the chances I got a strand or anything from that incident that happened 3 years ago? Am I just letting my head get the best of me?  I know it's akin to skin transmission but is it just mucous to mucous skin transmission? My boyfriend shows no signs of anything after three years so am I in the clear? Since then I've also had normal paps as well.

Also, I asked the guy if he had any stds and he said no. So I don't know if that helps anything because sometimes there's no signs of HPV and you can still be contagious.

Help please :(
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After 3 years, you should not be worried. Normal paps should be enough proof.
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