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Hpv treatment

Im a male 21yo i had anal warts and i treated them by surgery no they came back inside my anus .. Before they were outside and the doc didnt check the inside of the anus .. Now ive started a treatment for those warts and the treatment is with another doctor a private one he took me a lots of money something like 5000 dollars he said the treatment will take about 10 months and i cant like be sexually active event not kissing because he want to assure i wont be infected .. He is using a laser to remove the wartsand each time he do just a bit .. He gave me lotion to put 5 times a day each day .. And im afraid that he is like only fooling me aroud and do ot because of the money he has good recommendations but the treatment seem to be so long and i just feel bad that i got into it im really sad ..
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10 months isn't a long time to not have sex or kiss someone. Your doctor is correct. Very simply, just the treatment alone (lotions and laser) won't prevent more warts. Your body needs TIME to recover. You must HELP your body recover by not having sex or kissing anyone and getting more strains than you currently have. The average recovery period for people is 3-12 months. So ten months is in that range. It could take longer, but not if your body is weak and not if you are severely depressed. Every medical procedure is not certain because not everyone responds to the treatments the same. But for sure, recovery requires a strong desire to fight the virus, enough time to recover and taking steps to recover.

Get healthy. Quit smoking, don't drink, don't eat junk food. Exercise daily, lose weight, Take vitamins and supplements. Meditate. Get more sleep. Reduce stress. See a therapist. A positive attitude is necessary for recovery but so is not giving up Talk to god for support. You can do this.
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I had this nightmare problem for 8 months. They were going to perform surgery on me on the 11th and I had them frozen several times. It was bad. Like 40 at least. You know what worked for me in a week?

I used Aldara every 3 days. And you know how it's a slow burn? Well I also used Salicylic Acid every 4 hours which stopped the Aldara side effects of itching and burning.

Now the Salicylic Acid (find in the wart remover aisle) It REALLY burns like fire but it's gone in 3-5 minutes tops. Gone. Gone. No pain. No itch. But It's intense. Like jumping into ice cold water. If you are willing to go through some intense but short bursts of pain I highly recommend doing what I did. The apple cider vinegar is intense drawn out pain. I couldn't handle it.

My method made them look bigger. Then they turn a bright white and then dissolved. A week!! And I have two tiny bumps left. It was worth every second of pain to have these bastards gone.

Best wishes. Worst STD imo.
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