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Hpv warts vs reddish bumps with pus


About last December, I noticed a cluster of small reddish bumps that began to form on the shaft of my penis. They began to grow in size slowly, and they appeared to be globe-shaped, fleshy, and pinkish. Eventually I noticed pus build up underneath the spheres of these little bumps. The pus wasn't at the very top, but rather underneath the skin a little, so it was not possible to pop. After about a week or so, I squeezed one, and managed to get the pus out. It took about 2-3 weeks for them to heal by themselves and go away (towards the end, slight itching occurred once ina while).

Prior to this break out, I had sex with my girlfriend (I was a virgin at the time), and when she also had this breakout around the same time as myself, she said her doctor believed it was HPV. I was skeptical though because I've never heard of HPV causing "reddish bump with a white dot."

I've done a lot of reading on this virus, and it seems it causes long-lasting, hard/fleshy, pus-less warts that take a long time to go away. I compared pictures of HPV warts to the fleshy-pimple like bumps I had. I don't think I have HPV, but rather acquired some type of bacterial infection. Can HPV cause these types of little bumps with pus in them (that go away within 3 weeks)? I'm not even sure, I'd really like some closure on the matter though.

I haven't had an occurrence since then.
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What you had wasn't caused by HPV. HPV infections don't form pus and warts can't be popped.

Your guesses make sense to me. Either way, you are both wart free, and have been for nearly a year, so there is nothing to worry about.
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