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I have found somthing that works!!!

Like all of you I have HPV with warts.. ERRRRRRRRRR!!!!... and like all of you I have been searching thru the internet like mad to try and find some help with this annoyance!!!... and I ran across this website..... it is all Folk Remedies... and it has everything you could possibly imagine!!....anywhoo.. I looked up Genital Warts.. and WOW what did I find.. PLEASE go to this site and look up GW.. it will help... and they helpful people on there are amaxing and all there stories about what works for them.. what worked for me was CASTOR OIL... castor oil on a cottonball for about a week and a half and I have NO more warts.. I will keep you posted if they come back or not but I have a feeling that they wont... and I also started taking B12. 1000 mcg, and 2 Lysine(anti-viral) 500 mg and apple cider vinger capsuls 4 a day...I hope you all go there.. it will be the best thing you do on 09!!... Happy Healing ..xxx
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Hi.. I'm glad I could offer you a bit of info!!.. I hope you went there and read what they are all saying about GW..So, your a male.. if you go with the Castor oil.. get a peice of a cotton ball and drench it in Castor oil,.and I would suggest using a band aid to keep the cotton ball in place.. and change it our 3 times a day .. the whole point of this .. is that warts breed in a moist area. and need air to grow.. the castor oil.. suffocates it and it dies... now if you go the apple cider vinger way.. do the same thing. drench the cotton ball in ACV and band aid it on there... with that they will turn black and then fall out..lots more info about ACV on that website though and different ways men have tried!!!!!.. good luck.. it will help... healursoul
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Good for you and thanks for the site.

Did you just dab them? Where were they and what did they look like if you don't mind me asking?
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