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I need some clarity.

I have HPV/Genital warts. I have had the three small warts that I had removed through freezing. I want to understand how the virus is actually carried to my sexual partners. Is it transferred by contact with the wart itself or through any bodily fluid? Also, are the warts area specific? Is it possible for them to spread to the mouth or hand?
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No not specifically... some ppl don't even show warts, if you have an active infection if is transferred via skin to skin contact... HPV also sheds and can be transmitted through scratching.
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Both skin-to-skin and body fluid contact would result in transmission of the virus. And yes, they're area specific. There're over 100 different strains of HPV but the one that causes warts on say hands isn't the same as the one that causes genital warts. So meaning that the ones on your hands won't gives you genital warts. But it's important to practice good hand hygiene.
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Body fluids do not transmit HPV.
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