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If I have genital HPV and then give my GF genital HPV, can I get oral HPV from performing oral sex on her?

If I have genital HPV and then have unprotected intercourse with my girlfriend, she will then have genital HPV.  Later, if I give oral sex to her, will I now have oral HPV?
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I am trying to get an answer to the same question but the other way around. If I have HPV meaning my boyfriend most likely does too then will I get oral HPV from performing unprotected oral on him? Please someone help.
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Supposedly the chances are low that the virus takes to the mouth.  Although it does happen as there are plenty of posts on this site from people with oral warts.  That being said it is quoted by the experts as being statistically unlikely.  Also, they also say that once you have the virus, your body starts fighting it off so you can't pass it back and forth between the two of you.  I would hazard to say that until your body has successfully fought off the attack to your system, you may still be able to suffer new warts in other places that the original infection but then again how would you ever know.  You have to ask yourself how important it is.  Really, it's just a wart, but it happens to be in a really lame place and it's incredibly stigmatized.  
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What if the HPV strand I have is not the one that causes warts, then does it matter?
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Um, well, I don't know the answer to that although I'd say it's about the same answer.  You can wait for other input here or do some serious browsing on this site as I am quite positive your question has been posed here many times.  Don't worry too much is what I can tell you.  The inflationary habits of the mind on our problems is notorious for making things worse than they really are.  Good luck.
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