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In Pain

My doctors are almost positive that I have small genital warts.  I am just waiting to see a specialist in two weeks.  The only problem is that I am in severe pain (especially when I have to wear my tighter fitting work pants).  I have been itchy everyday for nearly 5 months now.  Does anyone know how long the itching usually lasts?  Will it go away as soon as I am treated?  If I decide to not get treatment will the itching go away as my body fights the virus?  Also how long does it take (if ever) for the tiny warts to go away if I decide not to treat them?  I have read that many doctors believe your body fights the disease within 1 to 2 years, but I am in pain and it is really hard to stay happy when I have this constantly on my mind.  Any advice is much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
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Yes, it is true that your bosy can fight these warts but it does take time.Since you are in pain and the docs finally recommend treating this please take my advice in this matter. Their is a drug on the market called "Aldara" that is a topical acid cream that you self apply at home. Do NOT put on more than prescribed oand follow the directions to a T. I read another post where a young girl thought she could apply more in one day to "speed up the process". She now got a chemical burn with blisters, oozing and horrific pain. Their are more nerve endings in this area than any other part of your body so please be careful. Play scared ad dumb and ask if a nurse or someone in the field can apply this to you everyday. You could end of getting real problems if you self medicate on your vulva with this medication. I really wish the patient information sheet that  comes with this Aldara stated this. Be wise, careful and apply very gingerly making sure that no medication gets on mormal shin. This could result in nerve damage. I aslo heard that you could put vaseline on your normal skin so if some drips off by accident it won't burn the skin. Ask you doc this technique. Good luck hon
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