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Internal Anal Warts

I've never posted here before but I was hoping to have a couple questions answered by Dr. Handsfield.

I noticed a wart on my anus and internally (I am male) last March (it's been just over 6 months). I had them diagnosed and was prescribed aldara for the external ones. My dermatoligist froze off the existing external ones that developed a few weeks later but more came back. After having used it on and off for months I am currently free of the external ones...but the internal ones feel fairly widespread. I am waiting on a call from the office to schedule surgery for them. After these are removed, is it likely that they will persist/reoccur even though it's already been over 6 months with no improvement internally? I have also been experiencing itching and some fissuring on the area near where I used the aldara..even a week after stopping the aldara. Is this normal? Thanks so much for your time
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Do you lead a healthy life?  Smoke cigs? Drink?  Don't exercise? Eat crap foods?  Never take vitamins?  Get little rest? Stressed?  If yes to these questions, some of us believe that re-occurrence is possible and only a strong immune system can prevent that. Doctors may not agree with what I wrote but its what I believe.
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