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Internal Genital Warts?

Dear person,
I have internal genital warts and am curious if the is any kind of home remedy or perscription oral treatment.  I've had the HPV vaccine and I want to do all that I can to help fight it off, but I had it for over two years before I learned I have it.  I am 18 and just had my first papsmear, my step-father gave this to me when i was younger and peobably knew he gave it to me; he took mom, my sister and me off his medical insurance and I didn't have my papsmear because we weren't insured.  Before I know I had them I was intamate with my boyfriend and he most likely has them now too, but I know there's topical treatment such as Aldara (Imiquimod) for external genital warts, but I been wondering if there is an oral treatment for internal genital warts, that way I have a better chance of not spreading it again.

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No home remedies that are really effective, some could cause serious damage.. You should discuss treatment options with your doctor. If money is an issue, there are cheap (and often free) std clinics in most major cities.
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Thanks.  I've had the HPV treatment, 3 shots of gardasil, I guess the only way to help them not spread is to not have intercourse for a while.  The scary thing is internal genital warts aren't noticable and can still spread through any type of sexual contact that involves vaginal fluid.  So my boyfriend and my best bet is to stay away from sex and treat his, but if we must do it, use protection.
:) Thanks again for the info and suggestions.  I don't want to have serious damage.
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