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Is Aldara making it worse?

I posted a question about a month ago regarding genital warts, I can't find the post, so here goes again. A couple of years ago I noticed warts on my anus, I thought they were skin tags so I did nothing about it. Eventually I had them checked, they were warts and I had them removed and was put on Aldara. I used what my dermatologist gave me but I had no insurance so I never actually filled the prescription.

The warts came back months later. I thought about the laser surgery which would be very expensive but the doctor put me back on the Aldara, which I filled this time, hoping it would take care of the problem. I have been on Aldara for about six weeks now, using it exactly as the box reads and being very careful with cleanliness. However, it appears that the warts are worsening and quite rapidly.  Could this be just a negative reaction to the Aldara, should I keep using, should I consider the laser surgery, could these "warts" not even be the same thing as before and Aldara is making it worse?

I have a follow up appointment on Feb 16th with my dermatologist. I also have an appointment with a surgeon on Feb 5th to discuss the laser and possibly even do it that day. To mentally prepare myself, what would you suggest?
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Here is some info from the company website.


If you have questions about the medication, your doctor or pharmacist should be able to advise you.
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thats good posting, i also have an appointment this feb with sti specialist not dermatologist. please keep us/me updated about your surgery, what procedure you having and the cost if possible. im preparing for those things though..
(you know, i have it also. i thought its skin tag at first.)
i want easy, convenient, fast and if possible not really expensive. what ever it takes i'll go for it...
thank you!

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I am at the point where I just want it gone, I tried the cheap way. Aldara was alomst 600 dollars and did nothing to my advantage. I just want it gone at any cost. I will keep you updated in what I learn!
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oh my.. thats really way too expensive!! especially if didnt work and gave you worse results!.. i am wishing and hoping you will get the best treatment...
please keep me updated and i will too..
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Yeah Im thinking the surgery will be 5000 or more, anesthesia is never cheap! My appointment was Friday of this week and I have been looking forward to it. However, I had an emergency appendectomy this week so obviously couldn't go. So I must wait another month, but will let ya know.
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Just wanted to follow up with you, I had the laser surgery, as that was the only option I had. The sugery was close to 10,000 dollars but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Everything is fine on my end now, looks and feels much better. There is always the chance that it will resurface so hoping that won't happen. Have you tried anything else lately?
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