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Is there any link between oral mucocele and HPV?

I was just diagnosed with HPV when my yearly pap came back with mild dyplasia. I will be recieving my biopsy results next week. The doc said he only saw one small spot on my cervix and didn't see gential warts. I figured he went to med school not me but thought I had seen some places that concerned me. I don't exactly check myself out there often so when you find out something is wrong you tend to focus on that area more. I looked again and def have what I consider a small group of several lesions that look like skin tabs in my vaginal opening. I don't have any pain, itching or discomfort. I plan to go back and have them looked at again this coming week. The nurse had said I have both low and high risk HPV but they can't tell me what my numbers are. She also said they only test for the type that caues cancer and that confuses me that she had told me I have low risk, isn't that the wart causing type? I have been having some heavy mucus discharge for a few days and that might be post ovulation and I only notice it more because like I said, now I am a bit over conscious of any changes. There is no odor, it is clear or milky and seems to be reducing. I don't have the fears of cancer now that I have read all the great info on HPV via WebMD. My fears are about oral issues. I have been having superficial mucoceles in my lower inner gum for 3.5 months. When I showed my dentist she suggested maybe herpes but I knew my symptoms were not that. I have had these in more than one place, never more than one at a time but basically always have one in some stage. There is no pain at all with them. I can feel it even when it's not in a bubble state. It will grow, bubble until it pops and repeat. I have had them stop but come up like I said in another spot. After she researched she agreed it looks more like a mucocoele and I had an oral herpes test that was negative. Is there any link between HPV and oral mucoceles or any other STD? I have had oral sex, both giving and receiving, french kissed before and after oral sex, while I was not aware I have HPV. I do not know yet if I have vaginal warts but if I do is there any greater risk for oral issues? I don't smoke but I did for 10 years, I quit 15 years ago. I am 40 year old female. I have never had any other STD. My only other health issues are PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Psoriasis. I do wonder if the Psoriasis/immune issue put me at more risk for HPV.

My questions:
1. If I am told I have high and low risk HPV, doesn't that mean I am at risk for warts?
2. Is there any link between oral mucoceles, HPV or any other STD?
3. Will vaginal warts or warts on the penis cause oral risks? If so, how great is that risk. Once warts are treated will the risk still be there in the future?
4. Does Psoriasis being an immune system issue put me a higher risk for getting STD's? I know that having HPV now does.
5. Once I get my HPV cell changes out of my system will I be at a greater risk for getting other HPV types? I know clearing it from my system means I still have it for the rest of my life. :( Will getting new types when you already have exposer/cell change history cause cell changes to be more likely?

I also want to thank the doctors on this forum for all their knowledge and help with understanging HPV. The internet can be full of very scary information. I have found WebMD and Ashastd.org so helpful!
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