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Is this HPV?

Hello (sorry if this is too long or if I spelled something wrong),

I'm an 18 year old male, I had unprotected sex two and a half months ago and tested positive rectal chlamydia (symptoms included: diarrhea and abdominal pain).

The thing is, that I also started getting bumps on my hands, arms, tighs and legs, they were really itchy and I'd accidentally cut them by scratching, but after a month they started to dicrease/dissappear (you can still kinda see them as they left marks), I got one or two that still itch on my legs.

The bumps kinda looked like this when they were fully active:
(That's an image taken from the HPV article in Wikipedia)

I'm aware that this kind of skin bumps or whatever they are it's not a symptom of chlamydia (of which I haven't healed yet, by the way, I've taken two doses of zithromax over the past two and a half months and I still have it), my doctor tells me the bumps had nothing to do with chlamydia and give me excuses such as "insect bites" or "alergic reaction to food", etc.. but I'm pretty sure it's not that.

A month after testing positive for chlamydia, the foreskin of my penis started getting red/itchy (I didn't have discharge or pain while urinating or any other chlamydia symptoms), and I noticed a very tiny and flat brown mark that I'm pretty sure I didn't have in the past, I'm thinking it could be a wart cause by HPV? I'd like to believe chlamydia is causing this but it doesn't seem like it, my doctor told me that rectal chlamydia can't affect the penis (I'm not sure if that's true, but if it is, it only confirms my HPV theory).

So, being that I got all of those bumps on my body /even though they're kinda gone now) and then the problem in my penis' foreskin (that I think could be a tiny wart but can't really identify it), I'm thinking maybe I also have HPV, does this sound like it? I can't get tested cause there isn't a test for men and my doctor cares about the chlamydia and ignores everything else...
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Only way to know is to see a dermatologist and get the bump removed and biopsied.  Two and a half months is not enough time for genital warts to appear. The majority of people take 4-6 months but this virus has a lot of exceptions. Go see a dermatologist for skin issues.
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