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Is this HPV?

I had horrible tonsil/throat pain and swollen lymph nodes 7-8 months ago I took antibiotics the pain went away but my throat remained like this................  https://goo.gl/photos/PQVFtMgCzdrp63NT9   ..............since than. I've been to a GP she did a throat swab and said its not bacterial but some virus and it would go away by itself. I went to ENT doctor he said its fine too result of strong infection that went away. I have slight scratchy/raspy feeling in the back of my throat often but not too bad.  I think it might be HPV and I'm worried it could become throat cancer . I've been tested for  STIs 3 times since I am clear. The area under my tongue seems unusual as well. https://goo.gl/photos/Z4tu3unEZ8ubTwUm9
Hope someone can give their opinion and help me out.
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