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Just need to get it out of my head

I don't know if this is the right place to post my story and questions, but I am a 27 year old and just had another abnormal pap smear with possible HSIL and having my colposcopy this Thursday.
So my back story is I got HPV genital warts in 2005 and and had my first abnormal pap smear LSIL in the beginning of Jan 2006 and positive for HPV. My colpocopy in 2006 came back with just mild dysplasia. Then I was normal until 2007 with another abnormal pap LSIL then colposcopy negative. Then another year later 2008 abnormal pap, but my dr saw no abnormal cells when doing the colposcopy so no biopsy. 3 years later after being normal and having a baby, I got a abnormal pap Jan 2011 with possible HSIL had biopsy and ECC and it came back negative possible infection from IUD taken out. But what scared me was my dr while doing the colposcopy said she definitely saw HSIL, but biopsy was negative? And here I am abnormal pap again possible HSIL.
I was just wondering if this is normal for all of this just to keep going back and forth for 5 years now? Also how long can I keep having abnormal pap smears with negative biopsies? Sorry it is so long I just need to get it all out and answer these questions in my head on what is going on and what the future holds for these tests!
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