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Just sharing my experience with HPV

When I was about 19 or 20, I had my first abnormal pap smear.  I never followed up until I was about 23.  After a pap at that time, I still had abnormal cells as a result of having HPV.  I went in for a colposcopy and the result was mild dysplasia. From there, I was referred to a specialist. That specialist did his own colposcopy.  He then gave me a choice.  I could either keep an eye on the progression of the abnormal cells on my cervix or remove them.  I chose removal. I figured why give cancer a chance to develop?

The specialist removed the cells with a cervical leep.  It was virtually painless until about an hour later.  I had the most excruciating menstrual-like cramps I ever had.  It only lasted that day.  I followed the directions the specialist gave me and when I went for a follow up, he believed it was a success.  

But not too long afterward I had abnormal cells again.  This time, I opted to keep an eye on things with a check up every 6 months.  It never developed into dysplasia, thankfully.  A couple of years later, I got married, and got pregnant almost a year after that.  I had to have a colposcopy while pregnant :( . But still, it had not progressed enough to do anything but check again after I had the baby.  At my yearly check up that was due a few months after i gave birth, my results were NORMAL.  Yay!  The HPV cleared itself up.

Here I am 4 years later.  As a result of the cervical leep, I now have chronic cervicitis.  It is a pain because now I have this excess discharge that comes and goes at will.  There is nothing I can do but hope it clears up on its own.  As annoying as it is, I would much rather deal with this than worry about cervical cancer.  

I guess the moral of my story is that preventative care is available.  And as scared as we all may be about going to the doctor for fear of what they will find, it is better to know and deal with it before it is too late. I wouldn't want to be on my death bed or in a hospital bed wishing I would have gone to the doctor before it got to that point.

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So it just cleared away on its own after you had it removed?  I'm very scared, I was diagnosed with HPV genital warts and I dealing with those with the Aldara cream.  I am told it'll never go away and no matter what I will pass it on during sex.  I am scared I will never find someone who will want to be with me.  I feel disgusting.  I only lost my virginity a year ago and I got an STD.  I am 21 and scared.
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Most of the time, HPV does clear up on its own within 2 years.  In some people it may take longer or not as much time.  I did not have genital warts.  I had the non-visible cancer causing strain(s) of HPV.  And yes, I have not had another abnormal pap nor any report on HPV since I had my child in 2005.
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it is so nice to read that someone's HPV went away. I am so happy for you! :)

utfan1 - u will be surprised how many people already have HPV. i posted here a week ago my experience with a guy who didnt understand and dumped me over HPV. but i never had a problem before, i just tell upfront, most of the time its not an issue. i also asked a bunch of my friends on how they would react guys/girls if they started dating someone new and were told about HPV risk they all said it wont matter as long as its the right person for them. so dont worry about other people, just take care of yourself :)
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