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LGSIL, high risk hpv...now what?!

I'm new to this, so I'll lay out my story and ALL my questions ugh.....sorry for the length in advance..

I am 27, had an abnormal pap a year ago, came back LGSIL, confirmed LGSIL thru colposcopy and biopsy (she only saw one leision and thought she could just get it all with the biopsy of it). I was diagnosed with one of the high risk HPV types as well.   I've had 2 follow-up paps so far of the 3 I am supposed to get, both about 5 mo apart.  both have come back normal.  I've recently freaked myself out of control due to a woman I know who was diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer and in a matter of less than a year has had it spread throughout her entire body :( :(

I have several questions as I try to get through all this and come to terms with the fact that I have this High Risk HPV virus.  

1) even though Ive had 2 normal paps, could they have missed more leisons or cells?? perhaps the pap didnt scrape the right area or something?
2) once I do have this 3rd pap in 5 more months, I have been told to then just get them annually.  but since i have high risk hpv, should I ask to get paps every 6 months instead? to catch the precancerous cells early enough?
3) I know this high risk hpv wont go away, and I have it for life, but what are the chances that Im going to get cervical cancer down the road? I feel like ive sealed my fate and know that that's the way im going to go :(
4) how come the woman i know got agressive cervical cancer? is there anyway I can get the same thing?  most people will tell me that cervical cancer grows very slow, and as long as you catch it early you'll be ok...but this woman got her annual exams always, and in a matter of a year it was too late...how do you know if HPV will cause that kind of cervical cancer cells as opposed to the ones that grow slow? especially now that i know i have high risk HPV?
5)should I ask for a repeat colposcopy ever or just rely on the paps to catch anything?  
6)my 2 paps that came back normal mean what exactly? that the leisions are gone? no abnormal cells anymore? would any abnormal cells still show up and make it come up abnormal? I know there are false positives/negatives etc...
7) ANY ideas on how to NOT worry my life away knowing I have this for life?? it has ruined my outlook on life and I feel like I know what Im going to die of one day, and it will be cervical cancer bc of this stupid high risk hpv.  its affecting everything.  

I am fit, take care of myself, eat good (with the exception of the weekends it seems lol), do not smoke, exercise 3-4 times a week most weeks, and take a multivitamin and calcium/vit D daily.  I have bought DIM supplements and am curious if I should start taking those after doing some research on how that may help.  I have also been on birth control for 11 years now (eek! I know!).  Ive heard it can somehow affect things too due to it reducing the amount of folic acid i think in your body or something? overall, my stress level is pretty low in life, except with my worry over this.  

HELP :( any advice, answers, tips would be so much appreciated!!! im sick of being scared!!!!

:) thanks in advance :)
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