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Lesion on shaft, wart or something else PICTURE


Hello, i am very anxious about this. Any input is appreciated.

3 weeks of persistent results. Red pimple like thing on underside of shaft with dimple in center. No itching, no crusting, no growth in size. I did squeeze it day before first doctor visit...and it got irritated a bit.

September 28th: First doctor said possible genital wart (she could not be "100% certain" cause she said i shouldnt have squeezed it and caused irritation) and then used liquid nitrogen with q-tip on lesion. She dabbed the lesion a couple times and it froze. Imiquimod was then perscribed and have not used it. Over all the doctor sounded very unsure. Said "it possibly could be a t in tiny wart."

September 30th: Second doctor said this is not a wart nor does it resemble the after math of a wart treated with liquid nitrogen. Doctor swabbed opened lesion for herpes. My results are negative.

The pic above taken yesterday. I squeezed it and whitehead-like stuff came out.

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Also, there was scabbing two days after liquid nitrogen was used. What was left was an open lesion.

Second doctor showed me pictures of warts and my lesion looked nothing like a skin tag.

I do shave the shaft often and it does get irritated once in awhile
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