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Life Expectancy and Oral cancer

I wanted to know the chance of developing oral hpv or cancer if you have engaged in oral activities at one point or another?  Many practionars state that the body clears it up after to years, does that mean you stop getting warts after that time frame or you may continue to have them. what are the chances of developing oral cancer if you have hpv and how long does it take to occure? does your life expctancy reduce dramatically if you have it?  Also, what are the chances of developing penile cancer, especially if you are uncurcumsized. Does eating healty reduce that risk at all? If you are 25 does that mean within 10 or so years you will die? Also, if you are not sure of the type you have how can you find out and if it is the high rsk ones, what are you options?
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It's highly rare to ever show symptoms orally or experience any complications orally from HPV.  It is also incredibly rare for a man to develop penile cancer from HPV, and he would have to be infected with high risk HPV, as low risk HPV (the kind that causes genital warts) does not lead to cancer.

HPV isn't typically a fatal illness.  If you have genital warts, you have low risk HPV.  If a female partner of yours has high risk HPV, you can assume you have it too.  There is no treatment for the actual virus, but the immune system usually takes care of it in healthy individuals.  There are treatments for the external signs (warts) of HPV if you ever have them, but these will not cure the virus, only your own body can do that.
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Thank you very much for the information.  
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I have  few more questions. I was curious to ask were you get all of your knowledge from. Also, I've been having diffculty getting my urologist to tell me what type i have. if ot is low or high risk. Lately, I've been having some pain inside the penis and the skin stings when i it is light touched but goes away after a second and when i look for the locatio, it is hard to find on the skin. I would have to leave it alone and brush it again to sort of feel it. Also, indside of the head and shaft is get some pain especially when it is bent or the head is compressed or being squeezed. The urologist gave me some meds Levaquin but not sure what he is really treating. I was considering looking got a nother doctor. what do you say???  
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All my information is from hours upon hours of research from credible sources and nothing else.  I guess I can attribute it to really good study skills and a basic level of intelligence.  If you have genital warts, you have low risk HPV.  There is no test for men to detect HPV, and showing visible genital warts is the only way HPV can be diagnosed in men.  Levaquin is an antibiotic, so he probably thinks you have some sort of bacterial infection.  If you are having any pain/abnormalities seeing a doctor is best and what you should do.  If you don't trust your physician, you can always seek a second opinion.  Online forums are no substitute for western medicine.
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Hey empathy,

I hope you are having a happy fourth. I wante to ask you some questions about oral HPV.  I have tried to do research to  educate myself. and some of the images are scarry.  I have seen white patches huges masses hanging form peoples lips.  How do these large masses start. and how long does it take to get that size. I mean wouldnt someone go to the doctor the second they notices a singles pimple. I am asking casue I hav enotice a light dot on my upper lip. it is on the flips fold. I don recall ever seeing it but it could be becasue I have never paid attention lik i do now. Well, when i smile it looks flate and when i dont and you squint hard enough it looks like it has a tiny little head petruding. if you dongt squingt, you cant see it.  I mean, I try to work out regularly and eat right, Is there something wrong with my immune system? Cause I dont wan to start showing signs in fear they will never go away and get worst. I dont smoke and I drink socially and rarely at that. I just dont get it. I have no other STD besides this and I dont understand why I cant clear it. Even in the genital area. Even when I get treated, one or two start growing not that long after.  Is their something I should be conserned about? My warts are sometimes pimple like and really tiny and some flt so my urologist blows it off and say I dont see anything but I do. I cant find a good doctor that knows. None have ever mentioned aldara and I dont know it would be good for me. What can I take to boost my immune system casue I dont kow what to and I dont want to die casue of this. MY ex told me she had it after the fact and know I a scared. I am scared that since I cant clear it genitally, I may not orally and have serious issues. Sorry for the long text please let me know what you think.
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had hvp 30 yrs ago have been fighting oral cancer from it for two yrs now chemo  and rad did not work  had removal of botttom of mouth and partial tongue 2 months ago  
I am sorry you are going through this.  I hope you did you first have oral warts?  Do you think you acquired it from oral sex?
Hi sorry to hear about your battle! Bloody hpv is a pain in the freaking ***. I wish they had a cure for these viruses! Did you get itching and burning feelings?? How did you know you had oral cancer and also what hpv did you have 30 years ago? Like what hpv did you have then.
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Hi I’m not sure either with time frames etc but it’s certianly scary because of all of the uncertainties with these viruses! I have high risk hpv diagnosed since a sexual assult. Since the assult last oct I’ve also had horrible itching burning in my vag and now anus area(I’ve never even done anal sex before). I was pretty normal before the assult, mum, in a long term relationship and healthy and no problems down there. I’ve been so freaked about the hpv and the symptoms from possible low risk, but no doc can visually see warts, I see weird new bits of skin that didn’t used to be there but doctors just say it’s skin and nothing to worry and they can’t help with the burning!! It’s frustrating and the lack of information is just ridiculous. I am still with my long term partner and feel terrible I’ve now passed on hpv to him, like feel like we will both die from hpv. I’m only 25 but I don’t know I feel doomed esp as I have the itching symptoms. Since I performed oral sex on my Partner my throat instantly burned and it now burns like randomly on and off, like jsut feels uncomfortable. I’m worried about oral cancer, cervical, vulva, anus and all that.. I’m worried about spreading it to my kids. They say cervical cancer can take 10-15 years for cancer cells so maybe it’s the same for the oral cancer etc for cancer cells to develop and then to multiply? Who knows. Farrah Fawcett died from anal cancer from hpv in her early sixties I think and Michael Douglas got oral hpv I think at an old age also. There have been women to die from cervical hpv at young ages like 28 and another celeb who got hpv cancer quite young but I think has survived so far, one of the ladies of hairspray. How did you find you had oral hpv? No doc can help me, not even diagnosing me properly and not doing further tests to see what hpv I have down there, it really bloody sucks
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