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Married 32 years and first appearance of genital warts?

Ok...I'm so tired of the confusion and hype.  I've been married 32 years and recently discovered what appears to be two single genital warts.  My husband was discovered having (what he professes to have been) a emotional affair 18 years ago, and swears he has been physically faithful our entire marriage.  I have NEVER had a unusal pap and NEVER have had a genital wart the entire time of my marriage. I had a complete hysterectomy years ago due to endometriosis but NO signs of any abnormal or precancerous cells. It is hard to even entertain that that genital warts would appear the first time after 18 years, let alone, 32.  Zero chance?
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Not likely from an affair 18 years ago.  Did your immune system get weak recently?  
No.  Stress perhaps the last three years or so from a emotional abusive and neglect issues in the marriage.  Still, I would have thought any stress related issues or illness in the past 18-32 years, including the surgery would have initiated a FIRST outbreak LONG before this.
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I neglected to mention that my husband, to my knowledge, has NEVER had a outbreak in all the years we have been married.  He insists that this must mean has has been a carrier for over 34 years and it has 'somehow' just manifested the first time in me......
Thoughts anyone?
I'll admit I can't offer much scientifically based opinion here.  I agree that it is weird that you'd have an outbreak after 18 or 32 years of having been exposed, and if it were me, I'd be awfully suspicious to the point of being pretty sure I was cheated on.  Having said that, the virus is a strange one and it's behavior, though statistically categorized, can be surprising sometimes.  Yours isn't the first post around here describing the same scenario.  Not having any true sense of what's possible on the fringes of HPV behavior, I don't really know what to tell you other than it certainly doesn't pass my smell test.  That's no basis to make hard and fast accusations over, however.  If your marriage was strong and fulfilling, I'd advise to go with believing him as HPV warts are really not that big a deal once you get over the initial shock and stigma, and it's much more bearable in a relationship.  But if your marriage is fraught with emotional abuse and neglect, then perhaps a different outlook is warranted.  I certainly can't opine on the what you should do there as life is hard and unique for all of us.  

I'm not super up on the ins and outs of females and HPV, but I was under the impression that if you had the low-risk wart strain of HPV, that it wouldn't appear on a pap, but if you had the high risk strain it would?  Maybe someone can help me out with that because if you have warts for sure, then that's the low risk version.  

One last thing, you def need to go in and get those two bumps looked at and biopsied.  You'll never know if it's HPV or not without that biopsy so insist if they hem and haw.  If it's not HPV, then it's a non-issue.  Best of luck!
Thank you!  It does NOT pass my smell test either,  Dave.  Not at all.  Having never had warts in my life before or after our marriage,  as well as a reproductive lifetime of normal pap results, it absolutely would be nearly impossible!
Sorry for the predicament you’re in.. I understand the confusion. After an unwanted sexual encounter I tested pos to high risk hpv but as there’s no answers -I could have had it for years and only just shown up now. I was with my partner for six years and then after the assult I got a pos result so it’s hard for me not to relate it to that but it’s just impossible to know. Did you test pos on your Pap smear and you also had warts show up? Most warts are low risk but specialists have told me-high risk hpv can also cause warts. As there’s so many different strains- I don’t even know which strains I have but my doctor said you wait till you either get warts or don’t. Most high risk you don’t get symptoms just abnormal paps but you can get skin lesions and warts from high risk as many may not know this. Most have the hpv virus and clear it before it ever manifesting to symtpoms. I have high risk and have these weird papule/ polyp things just shown up on my hymen area. I’ve seen a specialist who said she will just monitor them and check in the next 3 months- hpv is so odd-they don’t know if it’s from hpv or what’s caused them atm
No positive or abnormal Paps.  EVER!  No warts EVER in my lifetime.  Until now....I have not heard that warts occur from high risk. Over 90 percent by strains 6,11.  Though you can be infected with these strains along with the higher risk ones..which is why you would abnormal Pap results, warranting testing for HPV whether you developed the wart strains 6 or 11 most commonly, or not.  Best of luck!  I'm very sorry....Thank you for your response!

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