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Moderate Dysplasia & Bleeding after intercourse? :(

Hi.. About 3 weeks ago I went to my Gynecologist for a colposcopy/biopsy. The next day I developed a bartholin's gland cyst, which had to be lanced the next week. That same day, I was told that my biopsy came back as moderate cervical dysplasia, and that I would have to get the LEEP surgery/procedure to correct this.... however, I recently had sex with my boyfriend, which I assumed was okay since my bartholin's gland scar has healed pretty well, and everything has been running smoothly. I thought I got my period last week, but now I'm really confused because I've been getting that "brown" discharge still, and after having sex, I started bleeding a bright red watery blood... At first I thought this red blood was a UTI, as that's happened to me in the past.. but its not in my urine, its coming from somewhere in my vagina.. :( I've been reading online that this is a sign of cervical cancer, but I don't know what to believe since my dysplasia was moderate and my doctor said nothing of vaginal bleeding like this!! :(

I'm kind of scared. I'm 21, so all of this is already way too much for me to comprehend.....  if anyone can help me out with any sort of information, it would be greatly appreciated..... :(
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Hi! I am not a professional but I will try to calm your fears with my own experience. The brown discharge could be old blood. Maybe from where you had your biopsy. If that area is irritated I would venture to say it might cause some bright red bleeding.
Beyond that, I also had moderate dysplasia in my 20s. Scary huh? I went through cryotherapy, nasty stuff. However a followup Pap was normal and has been normal for about 17 years. It's great they caught this for you and can fix it now.. Enjoy life!!
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thank you. that did calm my fears a lot. :)  
so it turns out, that i just had my period still. ive been taking this birth control pill, and i think my periods just havent adjusted to it yet. but i'm okay now, no problems anymore. hehe. now i'm just waiting for my LEEP procedure which is in august.. oyy... they're putting me under general anesthesia because i screamed so much during my last bartholin's cyst incident. i'm sure the LEEP wouldnt be as bad as that thing, pain-wise.. boy oh boy.. lets pray no woman has to go through that again. haha
anyway, thank you for your support. :) i hope all is well.
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