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My future

I am woman. 20years old very healthy. not a smoker and didnt drink alcohol (never)

today I just had frozen warts in my anal by my doctor.
after had sex unprotected anal sex with my ex about 4 months ago.
And my doctor said I have low risk Hpv
I want to know.
Is that true if hpv low risk or high risk will cleared by immune system about 1-2 years after infection?
I have plans I will marry the next 5 years.
Still I had genital warts if I getting pregnant in the next 5 years?
I am so worry........ :(
and does gradasil vacine still help if I have already get hpv low risk?
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The virus clears for 90% of the infected within 6-24 months. No one knows who is in this 90%.  The terms clears means it goes dormant. Most doctors believe that it never leaves the body. Most of the  infected are no longer infectious. Some are not so lucky and can be infectious years or decades later. No one knows who are the lucky ones. The vaccine will protect you from getting strains that you mat not already have. It will have no effect on the strain that you do have.
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Thanks you so much
Ah! Clear refers to dormant.
I got it!
Huhuhu I feel so suck!
I know when I getting pregnant in the next 5 years. my wart will appear again. (I must have preparation)
I hope in the next 5 years there is cure for this virus.

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