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My life is spiraling out of control...what do I do...

I got black out drunk... don't remember what I did and 4 days later my mouth is infested with warts... What do I do... My life is spiraling downward fast and I feel like I'm losing it....
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You go to the doctor is what you do. Warts don't show up in four days, typically, so another explanation is more likely. Plus, since your feeling as if your life is spiraling out of control, your mind is most likely playing tricks on you. It happened to me and happens to the majority of first time posters to this forum. Go to the doctor and get a real answer.
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Everything I’ve read says incubation period for HPV is approx 1-3 months. Seems it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) appear overnight or in a few days.
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Be a man and burn them off with pure distilled alcohol and a match.
Have to know if those are indeed warts, it could be herpes or other things... hsv shows up more rapidly than hpv... hpv takes atleast 1 to 8 months (normally 3-4 months) to show...

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