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My pap smear diagnosis

I recently had my 3 year Pap smear and since I am over 30 now it also included the HPV Test. My Pap smear result was NILM, but my HPV Test came positive for high risk strain and negative for hpv 16 and 18. The doctors office called and asked to have a pap next year, but no other information. So here are my questions, I noticed a small bump in my labia majora last week. Is that a wart? Since my doctor doesn’t seem reachable I asked a ob-gyn friend, and she said it’s very common to have hpv and not to worry about it. And that I can tell if something is a wart. Question 2: I have recently started a long distance relationship. We had sex once a few months ago, and we will be meeting again in a month. Should I tell him about my test result? What should I do?
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