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hi im 23 years old i have 2 children.i have always had regular periods up untill i had a termenation in january 2009.since my operation i have nnot had a period. my doctor recently refered e 2 the gyno but im not getting my results till may 11th. n this is making me really worried and is constantly on my mind. i have had some symptons also, such as pain sometimes when i wee. and when i have sex sometimes.discharge. sometimes smelly. pains in my arms and legs,like shooting pains.im really worried does my symptons sound like cervicle cancer, im not allowed to have a smear test as im too young so my doctor says.please anyone get back
thanks in advance
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weight loss, stress, excessive excercise, these things can also cause you to not have a period.  Be patient, get tested for HPV (causes cervical cancer), and relax.   Try taking a mini vacation from all of your problems and you might have it come back......
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There are several things that relate to your symptoms. Make sure that you find a gyno that will test for all of them until you get an answer of what's going on? You certainly should have and need a pap smear if your current doc will not do it then find another one that will. There is something going on and YOU have to insist sometimes that the docs do their job. We know our bodies better than any one else so we have to be pro active on our female issues. Good Luck keep us posted...
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