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Need Help with HPV

My Girlfriend recently found out she has HPV and swears it was from me.  I do not have any signs of the disease.  She has about 3 'high-risk' strainds and when she went to the gyno he removed some cells and told her everything looked good.  I am worried about how I am looked at by her family and most importantly, by her.  I have had sex with 3 other women besides her in my life unprotected.  I don't want to be the one who "Did This" or may "Give her cancer"  I have been doing a lot of reading online, but I really just want the facts.  How likley is this to becoming a major problem?   What should I do to keep this off of my mind?  We are both 21 years old.  Thank You
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maybe read this...at the bottom right hand corner there is a section.. "Most viewed health pages".... and click on "everything you need to know about HPV"..quite informative from the doctors here!!

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